Girl, you look like a boy

Crossdressing is the art of dressing like the opposite sex. Likewise, crossplay is cosplaying a character of the opposite sex. The result of a boy pretending to be a girl or a girl pretending to be a boy can be astonishing.

I don’t know if male readers are interested in learning how to look like women for cosplay (please let me know if you are!)  so I will start off with a major hump in the road for girls trying to look like boys (and a subject that boys like in general): breasts.

They’re a physical trait that is symbolic of – though not unique to – the female sex.

They’re also two giant obstacles for girls who want to look like boys for cosplay.

What would be a boon if they have a girl cosplay is a burden for a boy cosplay. For me, they were a 38E burden.

Some girls have an easier time hiding them by wearing a tanktop or a sports bra. Others – like me – have to go to more drastic measures.

I used to use two sports bras together and ACE bandages. ACE Bandages are stretchy bandages that you can find in the pharmacy that will stick only to itself. But the bandages were still very constricting and I would have a difficult time moving and breathing.

Not only that, they were difficult to maintain because they would stick together after I throw ’em into a knotted pile after desperately trying to get out of them as fast as I could. I then switched to just sports bras and didn’t really care if I wasn’t as flat as an airplane runway.

We kinda joked around with this photoshoot because I still had larger boobs as the “boy”.

Fast-forward to Anime Expo 2011. I hadn’t wanted to crossplay in years. Why should I when I had so many friends that could easily pass for boys when they were dressed for the part and when I would be in constant agony when I did try?

I rediscovered why: Because I love the character so much that I don’t care if my body type isn’t a perfect fit.

For those who follow me on twitter, you obviously know about my undying love for Ichijou from the new Kaiji anime series even if you don’t know who he is.

I threw caution to the wind and made plans to become a MALE psychopathic illegal casino owner.

I could hide my curvy hindquarters well enough with looser-fitting pants and the blazer but I can’t hide the melons on my chest and they’re very distracting if I don’t bind.

So what to do?!

I finally invested in a product that I should have gotten in the beginning: a chest binder

Friends had always talked about this binder as a godsend. They were breathable and flexible and they didn’t constrict the torso so much that it hurt the ribs and chest.

I was skeptical before because none of the other methods truly worked for me due to my size but I decided to invest the $30 and see what would happen. I’ve lost more money on more frivolous things.

So I ordered my size from FTM at Underworks*. It came in the mail and then I became male.

I had to wriggle into the binder by bringing it over my hips rather than over my head because I have broad shoulders. It HURT but after a lot of patience…

You can’t really see the difference here but you can see how my breasts are pushed into my armpits (well, the fat had to go somewhere!).

Whoa. I was COMPLETELY flat. My chest even looked and felt like a man’s.

I became a little distraught after a moment the first time. It was a sudden drastic change after all.

Just as promised, it didn’t hurt like the bandage method and it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time.

WHOO! I can be a crazy man now!

There’s more to being a girl dressing up as a boy than just throwing on boy’s clothes and hiding your boobs but that’s for a different time!

*There are other companies too but this is the one I went with. FTM is an abbreviation for “Female to Male” and is a term used for transgendered men. So these binders are meant to be used often for its intended usage (not like ACE bandages or duct tape!).  I went with the double compression shirt in white.

Be sure to order the size that you are without being bound and not the smaller size you are aiming to become! Also be patient when you put on or take off the binder otherwise you might injure yourself. 

Cosplay Photos by Vincent Diamante.

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