‘The Dead Files’ premiers on the Travel Channel this Fall Season

My childhood experience while growing up in the Philippines has cemented my belief on the paranormal and the “other world”– just call me, Spooky Pirate Queen! That’s an X-Files joke, by the way and you’re way super cool if you got it.

Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel

The Travel Channel is my go-to channel whenever I turn on the television and yes, I admit it: I enjoy the occasional Ghost Adventures episode here and then. For those who does not know, these guys: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin travel all over the United States at haunted destinations. What do they do? Well, the one thing that only three dudes would do together… they lock themselves over night in these supposedly haunted houses and buildings. It’s like watching a long drawn-out dare each time as the guys run about with night vision cameras while Zak taunts the ghosts to either touch him or speak to them. It’s often hilarious and often you do get a glimpse of what may be on the other side of death. But often time, these ghosts are from a far away past and history.

What happens when they send people to investigate the more recent dead?

On September 23, a new show called The Dead Files will premiere at 10PM ET/PST  alongside Ghost Adventures. The series will introduce two new paranormal investigators, Steve DiSchiavi, a retired detective from New York and psychic, Amy Allan. Instead of going to haunted places, DiSchiavi and Allan will be going to actual crime scenes. Already a little morbid, isn’t it?

“Our Friday night series takes viewers beyond the haunted destinations — They provide a different type of escape, providing a taste of the other side and a new perspective on their own surroundings,” said Fred Graver, SVP, Programming & Development, Travel Channel (pulled from the press release).

The investigations could feel a little bit more disturbing to the viewers since these crime victims could be  people that we might easily relate to. Whether or not you believe in the paranormal this show will offer unique insights and perspective on places we normally wouldn’t pay much attention to– or places and people we would never know about otherwise. Personally, I can’t wait to be secretly scared while watching the show!

At the very least, they might give us a reality television version of a Mulder and Scully duo chasing after ghosts.After all,  the show’s title pretty much suggests a homage to the X-Files. I am definitely interested to see the partnership between DiSchiavi and Allan develop during the show. It is the human characters who give these shows real emotion and intrigue.

Although if they capture a real ghost on camera, that would be incredibly impressive as well. I love me a good reality ghost show.

From the press release:

During this one-hour, eight-episode series, Steve begins each investigation exploring the property, questioning the owners or tenants about what they’ve witnessed and what they know about the building’s past.  Then he goes out to gather more facts — speaking to local historians, police investigators and even tracking down past owners of the property. Amy is a paranormal researcher, physical medium and psychometrist. Her abilities have been studied and tested by leading parapsychologists and she’s worked with many private investigators and police agencies.  Amy knows absolutely nothing about locations before entering, after all photos or revealing objects have been removed.  Amy channels the dead, often assuming their role and reliving their death.  She later shares her findings with the homeowners and provides them with a better understanding of what – or who – is sharing their house.

“The Dead Files” is produced by Painless Productions for the Travel Channel. For Painless the executive producer is Jim Casey and the co-executive producers are John C. Fitzgerald and Ross Kaiman.  The executive producer for the Travel Channel is David E. Gerber.

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