I Was an Extra on The Guild

A few months ago, The Guild announced on Facebook that they were looking for extras for season five. Lucky for me, not only did my schedule work out but they were also filming in my neighborhood and at a convention I had already planned to go to (Long Beach Comic Convention). Ya-hoo! A chance to stare creepily at my girl-crush, Felicia Day, on set!… I mean… um, a chance to experience something new on The Guild set and meet awesome people!

The big episode came out last week and to my geek-delight, my friends started sending me messages saying they’ve spotted me.

Taken from the Watch the Guild flickr group. That's little ol' me peeking out from behind the guy with the orange shirt.

The scene with Vork trying to score more free convention swag was shot the second day I was on set, on Saturday. It was the “big” day and there were, I think, almost 200 extras. Plus, the actual Long Beach Comic Convention opened its doors to the public. I can’t imagine how they managed to pull off directing all those extras while the general public were also walking about… at one point, even Felicia joked around and wondered whose ‘great idea’ it was to shoot at a real convention.

About 1min15secs into the show.

The call time was very early (as it usually is) and we had to be there at 7am. We even got free breakfast burritos. Thumbs up.

I was also in the scene when Codex (Felicia’s character) walked into the convention doors for the first time. I was part of the “outdoor crowd” though so we weren’t really visible. We did get to chat with Felicia a couple of times while waiting in between takes. I complimented her on her shiny sneakers and she even remembered me from the first day I was on set. Fangirl squee! Seriously, guys. She’s my girl-crush. I think I’ve mentioned that a million times on the blog and on our podcast already. (Awkward…)

This second scene I am in was filmed on my first day on set, which was a Thursday. We had less than 20 extras on set that day– it was cool! We got mixed around a bunch to make us look like five times the crowd we actually were.

We did a million takes of this scene and did a lot of walking back and forth. You might be surprised to know that having extras simply walk back and forth in front of the camera took a lot of coordination and timing! Kudos to Brian Kameoka who managed to keep us all in line for this shot.

I was really hoping my favorite take of this scene would end up on the final product but it did not. Basically, I had walked by and Bladezz had smacked the photos he was handing out right onto my bosom area (boobs)! It took me by surprise and I am pretty sure I made a big “O_O” face right at the camera. If only I could get my hands on all the footage because I would love to have seen how that looked.

It was actually one of the last major scene of the day. The director pulled me out for the very last scene they shot that night (the scene in this episode where Tink convinces Clara to stay at the convention) because I “stood out” too much. I took it as a compliment. ;) On a side note, they had us do background action inside the room that Tink and Clara were standing outside at. It was the most acting I had to do that day! Sean Becker had to sit down and autograph a bunch of comic books for us. We had to act super fangirly at him. It was fun!

Just so you guys know, I’ve never worked on a film set before this and had no idea what to expect. We ended up working for 10-12 hours that entire day and I was exhausted. It was a wonderful and fabulous experience but to be honest, I don’t think this kind of work was for me at all! I’ve come to really appreciate the passion that people have on film sets because you gotta love the work to invest so much of time and energy into it. I knew they always work hard but getting to experience it first hand is a totally different perspective. As in, my whole body was hurting after a full day of walking back and forth perspective.

I do not wish to do extra or acting work professionally. First of all, I’m not at all talented for that kind of work. But I met a lot of cool people on The Guild set and yes, I would probably go back if they asked for extras in the next season. I’m not sure if you’ll see more of me in the upcoming episodes but I will make another post with more details if I do.

Make sure to watch The Guild this season! New episodes comes out for X-Box people each Tuesday, but for non-X-Box kids, they release it on Thursdays through Bing Videos. For now, watch Season 5 and Episode 3 – Megagame-o-ramacon! and play Spot The Space Pirate Queen!


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