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Support Scary Vampires: Go See ‘Fright Night’

Once upon a time, vampires were cool. For years, vampires were vicious, malevolent, cruel, and manipulative soulless creatures with fangs. They didn’t want us to be their soul mates, they wanted us to be dinner and that’s why we loved them. This depiction, which in many cultures dates back to the Pre-Christian era, is being threatened.

The classic vampire, Nosferatu.

Ever since Twilight, the depiction of this once brutal monster has been radically altered. Now, vampires are sensitive, they hate killing, they have PMS, they want girlfriends, they’re celibate, and they sparkle. They fucking sparkle.

Everyday more television shows and books are produced showing vampires in this light (and not burning to a crisp). You, the fan of the traditional vampire, may be telling yourself, “I’m only one person, there’s nothing I can do to make a difference.” I’m here to tell you that there is something you can do. You can help stop this unjust treatment of the once badass bloodthirsty creature.

“How?” you ask yourself.

Here’s how: Go see Fright Night.

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Doctor Who Experience

Last weekend I went to the London Doctor Who Experience. It’s currently at the Olympia convention centre in London. I don’t know the planned length of duration, but these things don’t last forever!


I will admit up front that I have not been keeping up with the current Doctor Who shows. I watched the Eccleston season when they rebooted it, but lost interest after that. I may have to re-evaluate that.

I grew up watching Doctor Who on Saturday mornings with my dad. I definitely remember seeing Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy but I’m sure I saw some of the others. Colin Baker is far and away my favourite Doctor.

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SDCC 2011, More Press Rooms: Supernatural

Just dialing it back a little and wrapping up more San Diego Comic Con 2011 blogs here. I guess I didn’t write about attending the Supernatural room for the LA Weekly website. By whatever miracle I managed to drag myself out of bed early that Sunday morning and made it in time to the press room at 9:30am.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

In case you guys didn’t realize this yet– I’m a big ol’ Supernatural fangirl. Not in the scary way (I don’t think) but in the I LOVE THIS SHOW SO F***ING MUCH IT’S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER IN MY LIFE kind of way. Well. I suppose that could be the ‘scary way’ too. Uh… yeah. Moving on.

My point is it was kind of a blessing that I was too exhausted by Sunday to freak out because normal me would have been crying in a corner from nervousness. Which almost happened the last two times we went to the Salute to Supernatural conventions. (See Supernatural Vancouver Con and Supernatural in LA, Day 2 posts).

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