Doctor Who Experience

Last weekend I went to the London Doctor Who Experience. It’s currently at the Olympia convention centre in London. I don’t know the planned length of duration, but these things don’t last forever!


I will admit up front that I have not been keeping up with the current Doctor Who shows. I watched the Eccleston season when they rebooted it, but lost interest after that. I may have to re-evaluate that.

I grew up watching Doctor Who on Saturday mornings with my dad. I definitely remember seeing Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy but I’m sure I saw some of the others. Colin Baker is far and away my favourite Doctor.

The Doctor Who Experience started with in a lobby with some of the sets and costumes from the current series. You then enter the ‘interactive’ bit. It starts with you in a Museum showcasing famous pieces of history from the show. Then, something goes wrong! And the Doctor appears on screen. This was my first experience with Matt Smith as The Doctor and I really enjoyed him. He was the right mixture of comedy, English-ness, and earnestness.

The Doctor is trapped in a box and needs your help to get him out and back to the Tardis. At that point a secret door opens and you’re in the Tardis!

(I know that’s the old one, but I couldn’t take photos during the actual experience)

The kids in the group get to man different stations in the Tardis and help fly it to the Doctor. Then we exit the Tardis and were attacked by Daleks! The room was very cool, it was a command centre of a space station. The way they did the window, it really did feel like you were looking down into space and a planet. The best part of the Daleks rolling into the room and shouting at us was this little 6 or 7 year old immediately running forward and pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at them. He told them where to go!


Then we had to run through the forest with all the creepy statues into a room with the box the Doctor was trapped in. It was a 3D video and the story was resolved! All was well.

Then you exit to the museum proper. There they had displays that covered the whole history of the series. It was really amazing seeing all those props and costumes near each other. It really was like going through time.


I highly recommend going, if you can. It’s kid friendly, but still really enjoyable for adults. The staff was really nice and pretty into the event. It’s a little out of the way from the centre of London so plan ahead in case there is traffic. The tickets claim you need to be there at a specific time, but it’s not true. They let me in even though I was a half hour late.

Doctor Who Experience

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