Comikaze Expo to the Rescue! Wizard World Cancels LA Show

Wizard World have yet again postponed (aka cancelled) their Los Angeles comic con show. This isn’t the first time it has happened and it took Wizard a few years before they even returned the show to California in Anaheim instead of L.A. Alas, many have already bought their tickets and even worse, some have said they’ve paid for non-refundable hotel rooms. Ugh!

For one, I do hate to see a comic convention get canned at any level… even though there is going to be other local conventions that will fill the void. The most unfortunate part is that they’ve decided to cancel at the last minute. I can’t imagine how many peoples’ plans got fucked up over it.

Alas, what can we do at a time like this?

Fortunately for all of us SoCal residents, our geek ally, Comikaze Expo have stepped up to the plate. Last night, they’ve announced on twitter and facebook that attendees can redeem their Wizard World LA ticket for a $5 admission ticket to Comikaze in November. Pretty sweet deal, right? Not only do you get your WWLA ticket refunded (I hope) but you get a giant discount to attend a different show.

Below is Comikaze’s official statement from their blog.

Dear Los Angeles and Geeks everywhere!

There is nothing we hate more than people getting canceled on or being disappointed by other shows. Heck, that’s why we started Comikaze Expo in the first place! We recently have learned that Wizard World canceled their Los Angles Comic Con at the LA Convention Center September 24 2011. Being that We are from Los Angeles and that Convention goers are very important to us we want to help with the situation. We take our show very seriously and understand that keeping attendees happy is PRIORITY NUMBER 1.

It’s really sad that Wizard’s Los Angeles Comic Con had to unfortunately pull out of their scheduled event at the L.A. Convention Center. We want fans to be able to have a venue they can go to and celebrate their fandom, so we’d like to make it up to all the fans and the L.A. Convention Center. Anyone that had already purchased tickets to the Los Angeles Comic Con can simply bring their ticket to the Comikaze Expo and we will happily redeem your ticket for only $5.00. If you like you can even visit our booth at the Frank & Son Collectible Show where we will also extend the same offer. We just wanna keep you happy so come to our show and join the rebel alliance of conventions.

Comikaze Expo is a large scale show created by locals, fans and executives we have an amazing line up and we add new guests weekly. We are also SUPER affordable and KIDS under 12get in FREE!

So come to COMIKAZE EXPO a show that REALLY CARES!


Comikaze Expo

— —

So turn that frown upside down and plan your weekend for November 5 & 6 for what promises to be an amazing convention. Visit Comikaze Expo’s website now for all the details. Hope that we will see you there!

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