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Interview with Gabriel Macht from “Suits”

It’s been a little over a month since I posted my first article on DefectiveGeeks highlighting five reasons to watch Suits. Since then, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to interview Tiffani Thiessen and review an early screening of the White Collar summer finale. Hard to believe so much could happen in such a short time! It all came full circle yesterday morning, when I had the chance to join a phone-in Q&A session with Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on Suits.

The first season of Suits is already coming to a close, with only two episodes left: “Rules of the Game” airs tonight at 10/9c, and the season finale “Dogfight” airs next week on September 8th. In the interview, Gabriel discusses what the remainder of the season has in store and reveals a few tantalizing hints about Harvey’s “mysterious past.” He also sheds light on the relationships Harvey has with Jessica and Mike, as well as give some wonderful insight into the truth behind Harvey’s tough exterior.

Click on the cut to read my write up of the interview!

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TV: AMC Greenlights ‘Secret Stash’

Most of Kevin Smith’s loyal fans, such as myself, have been religiously tuning into to S.I.R. (SModcast Internet Radio) and and have heard of this reality shot that they were developing for AMC TV. Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave is one of the original podcasts on the SMod network, currently boasting over 70+ episodes. Walt Flanagan, who runs Smith’s comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey: The Secret Stash, co-hosts the podcast with Bryan Johnson with appearances by Brian Quinn and some times, Ming Chen.

Apparently, we will see these guys on television soon. I listened to the progress of this show via Smith’s updates on S.I.R. From its inception and up to when they finished the test pilot. It sounds like the pilot turned out very well because AMC ordered a full season with 6 episodes. Hooray!

Another Jersey based reality show, you might say, where drunken whores get into fights and eat a lot of pasta?! Not likely. I’m not sure if they like pasta as much. We might witness Flanagan loose his patience and chew out the other guys and possibly the newcomers at the store but I doubt there will be much fist pumping otherwise. I am looking forward to the rough and tumble comic-book-store-nerdy shenanigans though. If the show is going to be anything like the podcast…– well, I suppose we can feel even more bad when the boys pick on Chen. Don’t make too many sad faces, Ming Chen! You will break hearts!

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INTERVIEW: Film Critic and Historian Leonard Maltin

People love movies. Some of these people may even consider themselves film buffs. There is even a good chance that these people know more about movies than the average homo sapien, but there is still one man out there who has truly earned this title. That man is Leonard Maltin. Mr. Maltin is a renowned film critic, film historian, New York Times Bestseller, and teaches a class at the University of Southern California on films. He has published several movie guides including ones on classic movies, Disney movies, and animated movies. His most recent movie guide, Leonard Maltin’s 2012 Movie Guide, is a new edition that includes over 17,000 reviews, including 300 new ones from his last edition.

Needless to say when I was given the opportunity to do a phone interview with Mr. Maltin, I was flabbergasted. Aside from my usual fear that I will accidentally say something beyond embarrassing in my nervous fit that will unleash my inner baffoonery, I was nervous simply because he is one of the movie experts out there. I can honestly say, though, that Leonard Maltin is one of the nicest people out there and was a joy to interview.

In the interview he reveals what he thinks is missing from contemporary films, his favorite comic book movie, along with other thoughtful insights on films and filmmaking. After the interview I thanked him and then told him that this was my first interview ever. He said that I did a good job :)

This new edition has over 17,ooo reviews. Do you ever sit back and think about the sheer number of movies that you have watched?

I don’t because I guess it’s like scaling a mountain in a way. I’ve never scaled a mountain, so I don’t know, but I guess it’s like scaling a mountain. You don’t think about the mountain, you think about the immediate path in front of you. So, since I see new movies all the time every week and trying to keep tabs on them I just work at it, you know, bits at a time.

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