INTERVIEW: Alisa Reyes, Excited for ‘All That’ Reunion

Many of us (at least people my age) grew up watching a lot of Nickelodeon and we all remember All That, a live-action comedy sketch show that mimicked Saturday Night Live— except it was for kids! I’ve spent a lot of afternoons watching the show and giggling. Many of the former All That cast members are reuniting for the first time at Comikaze Expo. How fun is it to see all of them all ‘grown up’ as well?

Alisa Reyes, one of All That‘s child star and now currently gorgeous actress with shows like NYPD Blue and Boston Public on her growing resumé, will be at the convention as a guest of honor.

Seriously though, how pretty is she? Not only is she super busy acting on screen, Alisa has also done many voices for animated shows. Plus, she is also writing, singing and producing movies! She certainly have come a long way since her Nickelodeon years. For your chance to see Alisa in person, along with Kel Mitchell, Lisa Folies, Katrina Johnson, Jack DeSena and many more, please join us at Comikaze Expo on November 5th and 6th this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Alisa was very kind to take the time and answer some questions for Defective Geeks.

How excited are you to have an ‘All That’ reunion at Comikaze Expo? Are you surprised by the amount of fans who have responded postiively to the event?

REYES: It’s truly amazing. The fans from day one is what makes the show what it still is today. All That is currently airing on Teen Nick right now because they petitioned to get it back on the air. The show has been a hit for a decade and being a part of the original cast is an honor. I am not at all surprised by all the love and support because its been like that since the beginning. When you have a generation that loves this type of show, then it’s an uphill journey of nothing but love. That’s why I am so psyched to do this expo.

Have you ever made an appearance at a “geek” centric convention before? What are you looking forward to the most?

REYES: Yes, I was at Comic Con for a cartoon called Da Jammies I am a series regular on. I play MOMO. Kel Mitchell even did a voice on the cartoon with me as well. We spoke at a panel and showed an episode of the show. It was so fun to be able to meet your fans one on one and even got a chance to walk around and see what other shows or comics that are out on the market. Let alone to meet the talent that are a part of these amazing shows and books.

How has ‘All That’ set the path for your career? I’ve noticed that you have done a lot of more serious television series, do you plan on going back to doing comedy?

REYES: All That was the start of my career for sure, I have nothing but great memories of the show. I started acting when I was 8 years old. I have been an actress all my life practically. Aside from All That, yes I have done drama, radio and voice over work but without a doubt comedy is something I will always want to do. I am getting ready to start a new show called Grown Ups where I am a series regular and a producer on it. This new tv show will be a half hour comedy sitcom. Though I would love to do another sketch comedy show. Like SNL with my buddy Kenan Thompson or something of that sort. I can do any type of acting, comedy is just a perk because its so much fun to play different roles and use different accents. Just to be free and have fun is the best thing for an actor its like the icing on the cup cake.

Is there a memory that still makes you smile or laugh from the ‘All That’ set either from off screen or on screen? What do you miss the most from the show?

REYES: I loved taping in front of a live studio audience– the energy of the people is where it’s at. I loved when we had guest performers come on and sing. Everyone that is successful now has visited All That at least once. I loved playing ‘Kiki the Island Girl.‘ I was always laughing and falling down because I had to play a really hyper character so I remember eating lots of suger and having soda before that specific skit so I could have lots of energy. We were always laughing because once someone got the funny bug on set we all would get the giggles. We were like a small family. It was the best.

You were the voice of LaCienega Boulevardez on Disney’s “The Proud Family,” what is it like to do voice over work? Is it easier to do than on screen acting?

REYES: I adore doing animation work. You can totally work in your pajamas if you’d like, of course. I didn’t but that’s what’s so great about animation. There isn’t much pressure. The only thing one needs to worry about is the voice. The Proud Family was a great show and had an amazing cast. Kel even did a few shows with me as well. It’s great that I can work with Kel in other areas rather then on camera. It’s not that voice over work is easier, it’s just more laid back. Though it still takes a lot of energy to get the voice needed. Whenever I was recording, I would act out even with my body physically so I can achieve the best performance. I love doing it all. There is no stopping me.

From what I read on your website, you are one busy girl! Would you like to talk about your current projects and charities? Any new shows that you want people to look forward to?

REYES: Aside from my new show Grown Ups, I am also getting ready to film a movie called 4bidden and start recording a new radio show that will be about pop culture and music. I am also producing a new film and getting ready to work on more solo music later this year. Make sure to follow me on twitter @alisareyes and join my Facebook fan page, as well as the Grown Ups fanpage. Or feel free to visit my site

And lastly, what do you geek out about personally?

REYES: Well, “geek” to me means a lot of things. It means smart, internet lover, book lover, game lover, comic and cartoon lover. I feel I am a bit of all of that. Not only am I involved in all those things, in one way or another, I feel my life is one big GEEK FEST! I am always finding what’s the new hot trend and always staying connected through my online sites and my blog on my website. I love shows on tv that have to do with crazy different types of topics. I am not your average girl, aside from being a street smart New Yorker, I am also the Girly Geek that loves me some video games and real live action shows. Don’t judge a book by its cover– cause it would fool ya.


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