Halloween Craft – chapstick cozy

This month I’m going to be showing you what I’m crocheting and sewing for Halloween as well as some patterns I won’t have time to get to, but I think are totally awesome.

To kick-start this craft-extravaganza, I’m going to show you a chapstick cozy I made from Girl On The Rocks. I found the pattern via Ravelry.

A cozy, if you don’t know, is what you generally wrap an inanimate object in to keep warm. Most common in the UK are tea cozies which keep tea pots warmer for longer.

I don’t entirely know why you need to keep your chapstick warm, but who cares? It looks like a chopped off finger!


It only took about an hour to make, probably less if you get in the swing of things. They’ll make great little Trick-or-Treats for a few close friends, or if you have a lot of chapstick you can make a ‘handful’ of them (I couldn’t resist). It’s also a great starting project as it’s just single crochet in the round and three colours.


My chapstick was a little thick, so it’s more like a thumb than a finger, but still, it will add a nice Halloween touch to your keys.


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