Gearing Up for Geek Girl Con

On Friday, I will be getting in a plane and making my way towards Seattle for a weekend of awesome ladies (and gentlemen) nerding out at Geek Girl Con. Despite the name, this convention is not a Girls Only Club– ALL are welcome to come and participate. The main purpose of the convention is to spread awareness on how much women have contributed to the “geek” community whether through science or science fiction or comic books, etc.. I found out about this convention from Tammy Cruz, one of the convention’s graphic designer, via twitter and I pretty much debated for a whole year whether or not I should go.

Until I realized there wasn’t much to debate and that it’s not about if I should go… I needed to go!

I will be at the convention to represent Defective Geeks and will be hanging out and helping out at Shing Khor’s Sawdust Bear table.

Below are the list of panels I am interested in.


(Fidalgo) — YA Authors
YA characters have often provided lifelines for readers who find themselves outside the mainstream. Panelists will discuss authoring characters who relate to geeky fans and why YA is a great home for kick-ass female protagonists.
Panelists: Nancy Holder, Scott Westerfeld, Phoebe Kitanidis, Hope Larson

(Fidalgo) — Stunt-Grrls
Meet local stunt-grrls and get the inside scoop on local resources, industry tips, and how to get your foot in the door. Also hear stories from the set and ins and outs of a day in the life of a stuntwoman.
Panelists: Angela Johnson (moderator), Amber Rack, Sherril Johnson, Restita DeJesus, and Zee Kennedy

(Lopez) — Character Studies: Geek Girls in Popular Culture
How challenging is creating geek girl characters? Come to a panel discussion on geek girl representations in film, TV, novels, comics, and other media. What’s the current state of geek girl characters in pop culture?
Panelists: Jennifer K. Stuller (moderator), Amy Berg, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Sarah Kuhn, Jessica Mills, Stephanie Thorpe

(EMP JBL Theater) — Whedonistas
In Whedonistas, award-winning female writers and fans come together to celebrate the works of Joss Whedon. By discussing the impact of Whedon’s work, their involvement with his shows’ fandoms, and why they adore the worlds he’s created, these essayists “aim to misbehave” in his rich, fantastical worlds. Come for the readings and stay for trivia.
Panelists: Teresa Jusino (moderator), Jane Espenson, Nancy Holder, Mariah Huehner


(EMP JBL Theater) — Batgirls
Gail Simone and The Batgirl of San Diego, Kyrax2, talk about women creators and characters in comic books. They discuss the relaunch of DC Comics’ 52 titles and, of course, the Batgirls.

(EMP JBL Theater) — Women of Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is full of women who are powerful, intelligent, confident, and determined. The Harry Potter fandom is also full of women who embrace their own strengths to fuel inspiration in life, music, fanfiction, blogs, and activism.
Panelists: Hallie Torrey (moderator), Arletta Gustafson, Juliana Kirmeyer, Kayla Brown, Renee Agatsuma

(Lopez) — Women Running Geeky Businesses
Business owners face many challenges daily. What do those challenges look like for a woman running her own geeky business? Panelists share their experiences with starting, building, and maintaining businesses in a geeky market and balancing it with everything life throws at you.
Panelists: Erica McGillivray (moderator), Megan Gaiser, Jenn Fujikawa, Stephanie Ogle, Chrystal Doucette, Jo Jo Stiletto

— — —

This convention is definitely going to be a little bit relaxed  and I am going to take a lot of it in cool stride without a strict schedule. I am much more interested in talking and meeting people this time around. I am going to have some ‘Lady Geek’ t-shirts (from available at a discounted price– but not very many. Find me if you want one! I will also have free Defective Geeks buttons to give to people who wants them.

I can’t wait to meet Tammy and Rachelle Abellar who are both GGC staffers I’ve become twitter buddies with. I am also going to meet Tori from Chicks With Crossbows. Rachael from Glass of Win will also be there.

I am looking forward to a weekend of fun and geeks. As of lately, our community have had some negative reactions towards lady geeks but this convention will hopefully facilitate a peaceful co-existence between all of us. Yes, there will be a lot of feminist discussions and topics about female roles in different geek industries but it is not meant to be threatening. It is to spread awareness of what is positive about letting the girls into the “boys’ club” and discussing the problematic issues in order to eradicate any discomfort or hostile feelings people may have. We are all in this together to make our community that much more amazing together.

Let’s celebrate how awesome and nerdy we all are together! In other words – I am super excited for this convention and hanging out with awesome people all weekend.

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