Date Archives October 5, 2011

New Comic Wednesday: Comic Bug, Batman and Cupcakes

It’s new comic books Wednesday – where did you go and which books did you buy?

Cool Jerk, Comic Bug

Today, I went to The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach to say hello to Liz Ohanesian who wanted to check out the Cool Jerk signing with creator, Paul Horn. I made my way after work and arrived a little later in the evening. I met Jenn from who made cupcakes for the event… yum! She said she’ll be baking cookies for her Sunday panels at Geek Girl Con. Spread the word. ;)

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Ep. 33 This Episode is in 3D

Gizzy, Fortune Cookie and the Space Pirate Queen discusses the re-release of Disney animated films as 3D movies in theatres. They ponder the future of 3D technology, especially 3D television and watching TV sitcoms in three dimensions. Then SPQ threatens to beat Fortune Cookie with a baseball bat. It’s friendship, you guys! Fanfic Theatre is a little Darth Maul lovin’ and the power of hugs.