New Comic Wednesday: Comic Bug, Batman and Cupcakes

It’s new comic books Wednesday – where did you go and which books did you buy?

Cool Jerk, Comic Bug

Today, I went to The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach to say hello to Liz Ohanesian who wanted to check out the Cool Jerk signing with creator, Paul Horn. I made my way after work and arrived a little later in the evening. I met Jenn from who made cupcakes for the event… yum! She said she’ll be baking cookies for her Sunday panels at Geek Girl Con. Spread the word. ;)

Cool Jerk, Comic Bug

I really dig The Comic Bug as a store and it’s a pretty convenient location for myself. It’s between my work place and where I live. I can always stop by on my way home to pick up new books.

Cool Jerk, Comic Bug

My haul was pretty Batman-centric. I got issue #2-5 of Batman: Gates of Gotham and yes, Batman #1 from DC’s ‘the new 52!’ I figured, what the hell, right? I’m not much of a collector any more when it comes to single comic book issues since I prefer the paperback collections these days.


Comic books are so pretttttyyyyy….

There was so much more I wanted to buy but had to resist due to the budget. Got a trip to make this weekend and buy myself food, you know. Note to self: must buy X-Men: Schism in the future.

Support your local businesses and pick up some books.

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