Halloween Craft – candy corn cat sweater

Another quick crochet project that I did in about hour and a half was a candy corn cat sweater from DIY Maven which I also found via Ravelry.


Here is my lovely cat modelling the results of my toil. Isn’t he so cute!?

It was an incredibly fast pattern (I did it while watching the movie Charade, I love that film. Anyway, the pattern was well written and very quick since it’s done in double crochet stitch. The only difficult part was putting it on the cat.


Death stare.

As my little fur ball didn’t seem to appreciate all the HARD WORK I put into it, I sent the sweater over to Space Pirate Queen, so hopefully her cat will show more appreciation.

I couldn’t resist another picture of my little ingrate.

I definitely recommend this pattern if you’d like to get your cat (or dog!) dressed up for Halloween but don’t want to shell out for one of those pet costumes from Costume Castle. I recommend using cheap acrylic yarn, though, as they’re likely to slobber all over it.

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