NYPDM: A Web Series With Bite (Pardon the Pun)

At one point during Comic Con I walked by a table that had dozens upon dozens of postcards on it advertising different comics, movies, and TV shows. I glanced over all of them and then came across one that stood out. It said, “N Y P D M. It takes a monster to catch one.”

I was intrigued. I took a postcard and looked up the official website. The more I found out about NYPDM, the more I interested I became. Come on, it’s a crime drama show with supernatural elements. Considering that I’m addicted to Law & Order and Supernatural, a show like this is right up my alley.

From the official Press Release:

“NYPDM is a new web series that revolves around an unusual unit of NYC police detectives who possess a unique connection to a dark underworld where monsters are real. Taking an ‘it takes one to know one’ approach, Lt. Spiller heads a special group of cops who have much in common with the monstrous suspects they pursue with one key difference: they’re the good guys.”

Awesome, right? Something that made me look forward to this show is that based from the trailer, it looks gritty and mysterious. I think something that has been missing lately from the supernatural genre is a gritty crime drama and after watching the first two episodes  I can honestly say that NYPDM fills this gap and made me thankful that I saw their postcard at Comic Con.

Under the cut is the first two episodes. Click to watch!

NYPDM opens with mystery and atmosphere, immediately hooking the viewer in. Questions are raised about the characters, the strange murders, and after the episode is finished it will leave you hungry for more. I have to say that so far the show is well constructed, beautifully shot, and the actors are convincing and fit their roles nicely. This is definitely a web series to check out.

Enough of my babbling, just watch the two episodes right here and see for yourself.

Episode 1: “Rotten Apple” (3:51 long)

Episode 2: “New Partner” (4:08 long)

I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

NYPDM was created by Hal Jordan who is also the writer and director. It’s produced by Monique Yamaguchi and Nick Rossier and shot by AJ Raitano. NYPDM stars Jilon VanOver as Grimm, Janelle Giumarra as Andersen, Natalie Turpin as Spiller, Ben Pace as Fagin, and Jamie Bernadette as Madison.

Make sure to check out:

NYPDM’s Official Site: www.NYPDM.com

NYPDM‘s Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/NYPDM

NYPDM‘s Youtube Channel: www.YouTube.com/user/schadenfreudeind

Natalie Turpin, Jilon VanOver, and Janelle Giumarra

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