Halloween Craft – Other ideas

I’ve got one more Halloween project up my sleeve for this month, but while I’m finishing that, I thought I’d post some other patterns that I wish I had time to do or just think are down right amazing.

All of these can be found on Ravelry, most are free.

Sorting Hat – How amazing looking is this? Definitely on my list to make some day.

sorting hat

Bella’s Mittens Ok, not really Halloween-y, but they are cute mittens.

bella's mittens

Maiden’s Glory – This would be great for anyone who does Ren Fair or maybe just dressing up as a fairy for Halloween.

A Maiden's Glory

And now for some projects that would make great decorations around the house:

Halloween Collection – I am toying with the idea of making a Halloween Tree and decorating it with Halloween Ornaments. I think it’d be cute around the house.

Halloween Collection

Pumpkin – Good old standard pumpking. Can’t go wrong with that!

realistic pumpkin

Kitty – I just think he’s adorable. But, I have a soft spot for black cats.


Ok, so mine isn’t QUITE as sweet as the crochet version.

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