Book Review: ‘Bloodstone: A Deadtown Novel’ by Nancy Holzner

Bloodstone is the third novel in Nancy Holzner’s Deadtown series. I haven’t read the first two (Deadtown and Hellforged) but I picked up on the premise right away. In Boston, there is a little town called Deadtown and this is where all the monsters–excuse me, the paranormal beings live. Kind of like a semi-concentration camp for all things related to werewolves, vampires, demon-slayers, zombies, etc..

The story revolves around Victory ‘Vicky’ Vaughn, a shapeshiting demon slayer or a ‘Cerddorion’– the author’s own creation. Cerddorion women have the ability to shape shift and have been known to battle demons throughout time. They can also control and communicate with each other via their dreams. Basically, Vicky works a freelance demon-slayer unless she’s battling the big guns and saving the world.

Yes, this novel is a downright urban fantasy (duh) but Holzner made the world she created kind of fun.

First of all, her take on how zombies act is pretty hilarious. They’re not brainless, rotting corpse who only want to devour the living flesh. In fact, they’re aware of who they are, re-animated from a plague and they satisfy their appetite with a lot of junk food. My favorite minor character in this book is Vicky’s doorman at her apartment building, a zombie named Clyde who acts pretty much like a stereotypical English butler: proper, well-mannered and easily frazzled.

I think I’m just in-love with the idea of zombies eating junk food at diners and marching for their civil rights because everyone is afraid they’ll spread the plague again which results in zombie prejudice.

In this book, Vicky faces a demon named Myrddin who is trying to revive his son, Pryce. Pryce was incapacitated by Vicky in the previous books. Myrddin has been an enemy of Vicky’s family for hundreds of years. He is working with the Old Ones, a group of deviated vampires seeking true immortality. Vicky has to stop Myrddin before he brings Pryce back from his comatose state and prevent the death of her beloved aunt, Mab, in his hands.

Other highlights:

• Juliet Capulet (yes, the one from Shakespeare) is a 600+ years old vampire.

• Vicky’s boyfriend is a sexy werewolf named Kane. He’s a lawyer. I know. All urban fantasy chicks pretty much dates a hot, sexy werewolf. It hasn’t gotten old for me at all.

• Axel, owner and bartender of Creatures Comfort.

• Tina, the teenager zombie, who wanted to become a popstar and still acts like a teenage girl despite her zombification.

The only thing I found lacking in the story is that despite establishing Vicky’s shapeshifting abilities… she didn’t really do much shapeshifting until the end. Although maybe it was focused on more in the previous novels. Though I am grateful that she wasn’t so much of a flat character and is a believable person, despite her supernatural abilities.

This is a fun novel. I definitely recommend it to people who enjoys relaxing with an enjoyable urban fantasy that has witty dialogue and interesting and often funny characters.

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