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Long Beach Comic Con 2011, a Quick Report

I literally had a quick whirl at Long Beach Comic Con this year. On Saturday night, I dropped by to hang out with the Guild of Extras. I unfortunately missed out on all The Guild events all day but I at least got to say hi and meet some people, plus I got to catch up with my friend, Nicole Eng. Here’s a great group shot taken with all of us plus Amy Okuda (Tinkerbella) and Robin Thorsen (Clara).

Photo courtesy of Christopher Wright.

On Sunday, I stopped by for a couple of hours in the morning and hit the exhibition hall to say hello to everyone I could possibly know! Chatted a bit with Team Unicorn, Steve Niles, Nathaniel Osollo, Evan Spears, Rebecca and James Hicks (Little Vampires). I love that I can say hello to awesome people at a local convention. Long Beach Comic Con is a bit quieter this year but even though I was only there for a couple of hours, I did pay for a weekend badge. I’m all about supporting local comic book cons. It’s a little tough to get the whole team together during a Halloween weekend but hopefully next year, we will do a better coverage.

Again, I recommend this convention for anyone looking for a convention where they can enjoy the company of fellow comic nerds in a very relaxed environment.

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‘Full Moon Horror’ Video Interviews!

I’m so excited to introduce to you our very first video interview!

On October 21st, 2011 at Meltdown Comics, Gizzy B and I were invited to the Launch party of Full Moon Horror. With the help of Red Sheep Productions, we were able to catch the spirit of the evening and all the Full Moon event had to offer. Being unfamiliar with most horror films, except main stream ones, Full Moon opened my eyes to a genre that I’ve always known about, but never fully appreciated.

In this video you will experience interviews with people like Charles Band, Tommy Chong, and David DeCoteau. I am looking forward to watching more Full Moon Horror features. I am also looking forward to watching some of David DeCoteau’s Rapid Heart Pictures, as they are specificallly directed at a female audience and isn’t that what were all about? Girl Geek Power!

Make sure to check out our first Full Moon Horror blog, including event photos.

Here is our video interview! Check it out:


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