Book: I’ll Be Dead By The Time You Read This: The Existensial Life of Animals

“It struck me as quintessentially human but also a bit absurd that we regularly torture ourselves with thoughts that seem to be at odds with our very own well-being. After all, if evolution is supposed to improve the species and make it more adaptable, then why aren’t we all perpetually happy and well-adjusted?”
Romeo Alaeff, Artist’s Note

From a moose declaring that he drinks too much to a cockroach spewing sad, romantic lines like “Without you I am nothing”, Alaeff puts together a nicely illustrated, coffee table book filled with simple black and white drawings of animals and a collection of lines that you’ve heard yourself or other people say out loud.

Alaeff collected a few choice lines he has overheard (eavesdropped) other people have said… for example:

“I am afraid of dying.”

“I could use a little drama in my life right now.”

“No one thinks I’m funny.”

“Things will never be the same.”

He partners these lines with an illustration of an animal and pretty much exposes how neurotic people are.

For those who are a little bit depressed and believe their lives are over, this book might be good for you. It might be a good gift to give to somebody who needs a little “snapping out” of it too. At least, it might help people realize how silly we sound some times. Especially if you see a seal say: “The pills aren’t working.” We are often too tortured with our minds that we loose sight of what truly matters in life. Animals have emotions too but often than not, they are not as wacky as ours.

I think Alaeff’s book advocates that finding the humor and irony in our own situations is one step closer to healing whatever it is that is bothering us. There is no better way than to have wildlife expose our crazy, existentialist crisis.
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