INTERVIEW: Kristin Kreuk of ‘Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy’

Many of you may know Kristin Kreuk from her role on the hit show Smallville. Since then, she had been on the hit series Chuck, Ben Hur, and starred in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. I recently had the pleasure of conducting a phone interview with Kreuk to promote her new movie Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy.

Kreuk plays the character Heather, an unhappily married young woman who decides to explore the world of raves and then meets and falls in love with Lloyd, played by Adam Sinclair (click here for his interview). In this interview, Kreuk talks about her character, what the story meant for her, and the importance of finding yourself to find happiness.

Just like her co-star, Kristin Kreuk was absolutely charming and a delight to interview. She was sweet, thoughtful, and also has great taste in superheroes! I swear, everybody from this movie is so cool. Read the interview and find out for yourself!

What attracted you to be a part of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy?

I think mostly for me it was the story. I think it’s a little raw and relevant to my experience growing up in high school, not my personal experience necessarily, but watching certain kids and the reason it was really popular when I was in school. I went to a handful of parties and had a great experience. So, that part of it and also the story of love and the power of love that helps transform people and how people find their will and desire to live full lives.

Tell me about your character, Heather.

Heather’s kind of unhappy. She’s really fast and she’s made choices in her life that has kept her really numb. She’s with a man that she doesn’t really like who doesn’t seem to really like her that much. She’s in a job that she isn’t satisfied by, she takes antidepressants. She comes to a breaking point and she decides to change everything and goes on this kind of butterfly journey where she finds someone that she falls in love with who is so not the kind of person she thought she’d fall in love with, and kind of breaks all the rules and changes.

How is Heather different from other roles that you have played?

Well, I think she is the most… Hmm, I’m trying to think of other roles I have played. Her choices are very different than the other characters that I have played. She’s a lot less driven than most of the people that I have played. She doesn’t have strong ambition for her life and she doesn’t have a strong sense of herself. I think those are the biggest ways that she is different.

Your character is involved with Adam Sinclair’s character, Lloyd. Can you tell me more about their relationship?

Yeah! From Heather’s point of view Lloyd is this kind of carefree, really warm person who really expresses in a way that she’s not used to. He’s kind of light, even though he’s got a lot of darkness to him, and there’s just something about him that she adores. When they meet it’s one of those things, like it’s not a thought process that occurs for them, they are just drawn to each other for whatever reason. They have this love affair that in a lot of ways is very innocent and sweet. He really helps her to open up and find herself and find confidence. For him, I think she helps him to find himself as well and find a reason to change his life.

So it seems like they compliment each other?

In a way, yeah, but it’s still not the perfect kind of love affair that you would want to have, you know? It’s still not healthy! (Laughs) But in their world, it’s a beautiful thing (laughs).

After watching this movie, what do you hope people will take away from it?

The futility of numbing yourself, and how you destroy everything you are when you do that and whatever ways that you do it. It’s so important to find those things or find that aspect of yourself that you feel excited about and feel passionate about and feel alive with. Really pursue that experience of yourself instead of shutting that down. I hope people take away a little bit of the power of love and looking and looking outside of what we normally choose. Like, Heather makes certain choices in her life and it takes her going outside of that to find something new and to grow. I hope people can do that as well.

For you, what do you feel like was the story of Ecstasy? 

I really do think it’s Lloyd’s journey, well Rob (the director) says it really well and I’m trying to think of another way to say it, but it really is the transformation of the love of ecstasy to the ecstasy of love. I think that really is what happens. He goes on this journey of self-discovery. It takes of a lot of things to happen for him to get to a place to where he feels he really experience himself without all of the other stuff and be really honest. I feel like that’s what it is and I think it’s really beautiful.

What was it like to work with director Rob Heydon?

Rob was great. This is his project, he’s been working on it for a long time and he was really excited. He’s really passionate and collaborative about this project and isn’t really precious about it and that’s really wonderful. It was a tough shoot, and he pretty much kept his cool which was really nice. It was a lot of work in a really short period of time and I think he did a really great job.

After playing a character like Heather, what other types of roles would you like to take on? 

I really look for stories that move me and characters that feel very human and real, so that’s what I want to play. I know that sounds really vague. I really just like exploring what goes on for somebody to make certain decisions in their life.

For my last question, what is your favorite comic book movie? 

(laughs) My favorite comic book movie. Okay. What have I seen… Can we list some so that I can remember?


Ok, so there’s X-men, then there’s the new Superman movie. Oh! You know what? It’s, of course it is, it’s the most recent Batman movie. I thought they did a really great job with that film and really explored some icky concepts of around the aspects of “evil” and how that happens. I thought that was really well done and I’m excited for the next one!

Watch the trailer for Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy:

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