Date Archives November 16, 2011

Ep. 38 Batman Punches People in the Face

The Lady Geeks ask the age old question: would we rather be a villain against Batman or Superman? They also discuss a world where human blood is produced from rice and human limbs are grown from trees. FYI, Frank Miller is a douche bag. Fanfic Theatre: Xena.

“Supernatural” Review: Season Seven, Time for a– WTF did I just watch?!

“Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” is officially the worst Supernatural episode to ever air.

Yes, even worse than “Swap Meat” (5.12).

It’s unfortunate that my first Supernatural episode review for DefectiveGeeks happens to be a negative one. The truth is, season seven has been amazing so far. I had dismal expectations after the trainwreck of season six, but the premiere knocked me off my feet and pretty much every episode following that has been great. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched “Hello, Cruel World” (7.02), and the continuity has been making me so incredibly happy. The show finally has a sense of history again, with all its references to early seasons.

I had already been bracing myself for another cringe-worthy foray into ~meta~ (sarcastic tildes required) when the title of the episode was released. “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” — I could practically hear the writers high-fiving themselves from here.

But while all the other ~meta~ episodes have been self-congratulatory, unfunny, awkward, and only mildly insulting, this one went ahead and obliterated any lines left to cross. At best, it was an extremely uncomfortable and ultimately pointless episode; at worst, it was offensive, harmful, and demeaning.

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