Forever an X-Phile: The “Evidence” Box

During the last half hour of Comikaze Expo in October, the boys from Red Sheep Productions were trying to shoot last minute footage of the Lady Defective Geeks wandering around and checking out the booths inside the exhibit hall. Unfortunately, most of the dealers were already halfway packed up and ready to go. Since we were doing a lot of work at the convention, I doubt I saw even half of the booths there that weekend. Fortunately, I discovered this table during those last minutes…

Comikaze Expo 2011

Your eyes do not deceive you, dear blog reader. Yes. That is a shit load of X-Files merchandise. My X-Phile heart almost skipped a few beats.

Kimberly Halizak, who worked for Fox and on the set of the X-Files, may have one of the biggest collection I’ve seen in person. I brought a few things from her during the convention but this week, I met up with her again and picked up the mother load. A rare “evidence” box that only producers on the show received when the series ended. This is probably going to be my most prized possession for awhile.

If you are a serious X-Files fan and you want to nab rare items such as actual episode scripts that the cast and crew used, please feel free to contact me and I’ll get you in touch with Kim. She is selling her collection and she is looking for good X-Philes homes for them. She has rare cards, magazines, books and just items she collected during her time on set. She told me to send anyone interested her way.

The box contains an “evidence bag” that represented each of the nine seasons of the show. Each bag contained either official merchandise (a t-shirt, keychain, cap, etc.) or objects that represented the main arc of the season’s plot.

My favorite is the alien in a jar! Apparently, you are supposed to fill this jar with water and there is a plastic bag with two red pills inside. The instructions says to drop these pills into the water and I am guessing it colors the water. It’s probably supposed to look like you have an alien fetus in a jar.

Then there are bags that I am not quite sure what is inside because I can’t bring myself to tear it open.

I don’t do a lot of collecting anymore and I try to avoid a ‘collector’s mentality’ these days. I no longer go nuts attempting to keep my comic books in pristine condition or anything like that. I had to get over the habit because I couldn’t keep collecting merchandise due to both financial and space issues. BUT! There are still two things I can’t help revert back: X-Files and Ai Yazawa’s NANA. When I pulled the bag pictured above from its evidence bag and realized that I couldn’t open it easily… I left it alone. I can’t quite tell what the objects are in there but I am okay with this. I rather keep the whole thing in good condition! I might cry if I tried to force the bag open and it breaks. Seriously.

There are things that might also come in handy when the alien invasion happens, such as:

This blanket will save me. In case of an emergency!


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