‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Prologue (No Spoilers)

I just got home from watching the first six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises.

Holy. Crap. I’m a little speechless right now, I’m not going to lie. That was so awesome I can barely comprehend it. I’m not going to spoil anything, but what a fucking entrance for Bane. You get a sense of his power, mental and physical. You could feel everybody in the theater enthralled with what they saw. The sequence that takes place is incredible, intense, and I’m sure on its way to becoming iconic. I’m replaying it in my head right now, and WOW. Just… wow. It was everything I hoped it would be and totally worth the drive and waiting in line since 4:30.

Wait, give me a moment to hyperventilate… OK. I’m good now.

Anyway, Batman fans, you are in for a treat. These six minutes are badass, intense, and will leave you in awe. The coolest part is that we didn’t just see the first six minutes of the movie, afterwards they give you short, but sweet glimpses of other scenes. Less than a second, but just enough to tease you with what is to come. It took a few minutes for the prologue to sink in, but once it did, I became so excited. In so many words, it was fucking epic.

Holy. Crap.

My only complaint is that we only saw six minutes! I know that was part of the deal, but all of a sudden the prologue was over and I wanted more. Dianne and I agreed that they should have just played the prologue on a loop until 10:30.

I can’t believe I have to wait until July to see the rest.

By the way, I was second in line! A fact I am very proud of.  I was the first person for the 10PM showing, but counting the people from the 10:30 PM showing, I was second. (I feel bad about this though, because I was video interviewed based upon the fact that I was “first” when technically I was not. I was so nervous and excited with this huge camera in my face that I didn’t point out that technically I wasn’t. I feel like kind of a jerk right now. So, people who were really first, if you see this, I’m so sorry! I was nervous and barely able to think straight. I did not mean to steal your crown of Firstness!)

Now, everyone. Pardon me while I breathe into a paper bag and cry tears of joy while eating ice cream.

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