British Museum

I had a day out at the British Museum just after Christmas. Even though I’ve been living here for ages, I still hadn’t ever been, so I was super excited.


It was possibly not the best day to go, as it seems everyone wanted out of the house after Christmas, so it was pretty packed! But, fortunately, the place is HUGE, so once in, it wasn’t too bad.


It’s free to get in, and they’re very lenient with their picture taking policy, unlike a lot of museums.

I spent the better part of the day there and I think I only saw 5% of the exhibits. One of my favourites was the Assyrian Lion Hunt.

It didn’t end well for the lions, I’m afraid.


The room I spent absolutely AGES in, however, was the 19th century jewellery room.


They had an amazing collection. The lizard above is a bracelet; how beautiful is that? The flower pins were amazingly detailed. I spend a lot of time looking at fashion plates and things from the 19th century, but it’s easy to forget how important the jewellery was to the overall look.

I also got a chance to stop by Covent Garden, which I highly recommend you go to. I love the market there, it’s not much different to other markets, but I like the atmosphere and history of the area.


I also stumbled upon Sullivan’s Memorial. The Sullivan of ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’ fame.


I have to say, his memorial is a bit…melodramatic. But some how, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

More pictures of the British Museum here and of just wandering around London here.

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