BOOK REVIEW: ‘Acquainted With the Night’ by Piper Maitland

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book. I’ve been caught up with reading young adult novels these days that it’s been months since I’ve read a book for grown ups. Acquainted With the Night is a rather epic story – a mix of mystery, history, passionate romance and vampires.

No, the lead girl does not have sex with vampires. Who sparkly. Or brood. Quite the opposite. These vampires are ruthless, NOT sexy and just want her dead.

I’ve seen other reviews say that if The Da Vinci Code and Anne Rice’s vampire novels have a baby, it would Maitland’s Acquainted With the Night. In a lot of ways, I agree and in many ways I disagree. Maitland’s vampires are rather brutal creatures– I suppose, she really depicts that as the monsters that are to be feared. Most of them seem to have no qualms with just playing the bad guy. They kill with pleasure like serial killers or simply treat human beings as cattle. Maitland does not waste any words to describe their beautiful, marble skins or their eyes deep and thoughtful from hundreds of years of living as immortals.

Nope. These vampires are plain out creepy and just perverted. They will make your skin crawl whenever they appear inside these pages. I actually get a little nervous when they are chasing after Caroline Clifford, the story’s lead character, and people who are helping her are put in danger or die.

It’s quite refreshing to read about creepy vampires instead of crushing on them. I don’t know what’s wrong with women some times when we start crushing on monsters, really. I digress.

There is an element of the same chase like in The Da Vinci Code but this book is about the bad guy’s search for human immortality. Caroline has a religious icon that is key to his goal. Maitland’s book is a little bit more passionate than Da Vinci and she throws in a sexy guy, Jude, in there for some romance novel style sex scenes with Caroline.

Somehow, all the elements work.

If you happen to like mystery, suspense, vampires and sexy times in your grown up novel – this might be for you.

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