GEEK LIFE: 2012, the Year of the Dragon

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. In my case in 2011, life has thrown me a giant ball that is as hard as the hardest of rocks. With spikes. More than once. I’m still trying to get out from under it actually.

In all seriousness, last year really was a rough year for me. I had to deal with the death of one of my best friend at the beginning of 2011. Lots of not so equally shitty things happened in between but they were still shitty anyways. Then my long-term boyfriend dumped me right before Christmas (jerk). So much fun, right? I pretty much started 2012 the same way I started 2011: DEPRESSED.

I have to say… it’s during the worst times of my life that my nerd side really proved to be most comforting. Geek passion helps heals, ladies and gentlemen.

New Years Eve 2011
Me on NYE 2011! Trying not to look so drunk.

All of us nerds/geeks/etc. are neurotic in one way or another. It is fortunate for me that my biggest peeve is when I am unable to be productive. Depression was not my friend because it was a waste of time and kept me from doing work.

I can’t imagine my life without some sort of geek related hobby. When I stopped cosplay, I did feel “empty” for awhile and I was restless without some sort of obsession to focus on. Which is why 2011 was a great year for Defective Geeks. I began to really push content onto the blog and shook my Lady Geeks into gear. We started our semi-popular podcast. I sharpened my Twitter skills for marketing and public relations. Gizzy B and I broke out of our anti-social-nerd-ways and talked to interesting people during San Diego Comic Con. By the end of the year, Sailor Mizz joined us. We kicked off our video production side and released our first YouTube short film:

I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. This website is important to me and to my fellow Lady Geeks. We might not be as fast or as flashy as other geek related blogs but I like to believe we are bringing unique things to the party.

My Chinese zodiac animal is the Rat and apparently, this should be a good year for me personally. Fingers crossed. I also hope the awesomeness that the Dragon year has promised will reflect on our website and all of our projects. We are working on so many things, including our 5th year anniversary on February 25th. There will be more videos, more interviews, more great blogs and of course, the podcast will keep on going.

I have no time to cry in bed about my unfortunate luck in 2011. Clearly, I have a lot of awesome shit I need to get done. I have my fellow Lady Geeks to whip into blogging, events to plan for and all the interesting people on Twitter I need to stalk.

Go forth, my fellow Lady Geeks (and Sir Geeks) out there – don’t be defeated by the crappy things in your life. Take a look at all the good things and focus on it! Watch The Hobbit trailer ten times a day like I did for awhile if you have to. Embrace your obsessions and turn it into something you can be proud of. Whether it’s cosplay, art, Batman or your XBox 360.

Remember. You’re not alone. You have us. You’re also awesome. Just like me!

Let’s have a badass 2012.

— — —

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