Date Archives February 1, 2012

Ep. 46 Whenever Frodo Fell Over

It’s an old fashioned podcast episode with just the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B behind the microphones. Mostly chit-chat about the weekend adventures and Lord of the Rings drinking game. Which led to talk of alcohol and getting drunk. Go figure! Fanfic Theater: Lord of the Rings.

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes book review


I have not watched the TV series, so I don’t know how directly the two are linked. I may be discussing things here that will spoil the show. I won’t know until I watch it, which I’m going to because the book got me hooked.

When I was in high school, I was really pretentious. I read pretentious books because I was the brainy one and that’s what brains did. (Oh stereotypes, how true you often are).

Fortunately, I grew up and got over that phase and now I love reading stuff like Spartacus. It’s bloody, violent, vulgar and full of sex. And that’s just in the first chapter!

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