COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk #1

Also read COMIC REVIEW: Angel Punk

The first issue of Angel Punk jumps right into action. Maya, the main character, is on the first page holding bloodied weapons over the dead body of a man. Looking a little crazed. From that point, the story moves rather fast and a lot of the story was still left unexplained. Maya is still as rebellious and strong headed like she was first introduced and it is clear that she is going to be causing a lot of trouble.

She talks back and proves to be unwieldy even when faced with guilt over the murder she committed.

She is also clearly super human – enough to jump on rooftops! Another one of her power was revealed at the end of this issue but it was not explained.

There was a lot of disjointed action scenes for this first issue and I felt the story’s setting jumped around too much. It was difficult to keep track of what was going on and what both sides – the protagonists and the antagonists- were trying to achieve. Although it was clear that revenge became the main motivation from both sides. Maya does somehow ends up being on the run from both the good guys and the bad guys which establishes her rebellious streak once again.

But! It is just the first issue! You can’t reveal all the magic in a few pages.

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