New Crush: Agent Dale Cooper of ‘Twin Peaks’

For Christmas my aunt gave me the series Twin Peaks on DVD. I had never seen it before, but I had certainly heard of it and was well aware of some of its infamous lines and Lynchian charades. After watching the first five minutes, I was hooked. Later in the episode I was introduced to a character named Dale Cooper. His perfectly coifed hair and boy scout attitude won me over and a new fangirl crush was born.

I must admit I’m normally the type of girl that goes after villains, rarely good guys, and even more rarely ones that apologize before cursing (how adorable). There is just something about Agent Cooper, though. Part of his charm is his penchant for local horticulture (“Douglas Firs!”), Tibet, and cherry pie. I also love his life philosophy.

This video is one of my favorites:

I think that’s a lesson we should all adopt for our lives.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the actor, Kyle MacLachlan, is one fine stud. I must confess before watching Twin Peaks I mainly saw this actor as “The Captain” from How I Met Your Mother. By the way, if you have not seen those episodes, do so immediately. Dale Cooper is a man of honor and all around a decent guy. There’s one episode where one of the lady characters tries to seduce him, and he turns her down in the most respectful and honorable way. It was the type of scenario that makes us girls collectively sigh and then say, “What a guy”.

Very little seems to get Dale Cooper down. His attitude is always sunny and he is constantly endeared by small town life, even if the small town is plagued by an evil spirit named Bob who is from the forest and killing young women (watch the show, it will make sense). Also, I’m such a sucker for a man in a suit and, oh man, he works that suit. That combined with his fabulous hair is the next best thing to porn for me.

Last, and definitely not least, the man loves a good cup of black coffee. Seriously, he really loves it.

If you’re a fan of Dale Cooper, or just a fan of Twin Peaks, let us clink our coffee mugs to this damn fine character.

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