GEEK LIFE: Parties and Anxieties

Our 5th Year Anniversary Party!

Our 5th anniversary party came and went. Insert big sigh of relief from the Space Pirate Queen. Look, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t make birthday plans because I just can’t put together a party. Mostly because I have the ‘what if no one shows up to my party’ social anxiety syndrome. Nothing personal against my friends and family but as we all get older, our lives become more and more of an isolated, busy island for half the time. You can’t expect the no-responsibilities era of high school when all you can do is hang out at your best friend’s house and eat their food.

Throwing a birthday for my blog when I couldn’t even throw a birthday for myself is kind of a big deal. The only reason it all worked out in the end was because I had a lot of people’s support along the way.

I definitely couldn’t have done it without Sailor Mizz, especially, who wasn’t afraid to talk to people on the phone and knew where to find the equipment we needed. Gizzy B and Fortune Cookie were good sports (as usual) and put up with my incredibly bossy ways.

Like Tina Fey said: Bitches get shit done.

I think it’s important to have lifelong friends on your side in order to accomplish the fun and amazing things in life. They will stand by your side even when you’re sending annoying and demanding e-mails every hour. They will know when to put up with your panicking and shouting because they understand you’re A) nervous and B) just trying to get things done. They are also the people who will look you into the eye and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Guess what? Everything was okay.

The party was a lot of fun. Our friends were all there and we made new ones. We had way too much alcohol — thank you to our lovely barkeep, Rachel for keeping the wine and beer freely flowing. The geek community was so supportive. Thank you everyone.

This isn’t going to cure me of my social anxieties when it comes to throwing my own parties. I will still force someone else to plan my birthday or not have a birthday at all. I won’t throw any type of parties for that matter (I’m not a very good hostess). Funny enough, I love going to other people’s parties… that doesn’t make me nervous at all.

Maybe in reality I just don’t like doing all the work (i.e. all the planning) in order to have fun. I suppose… I have more of a Planning Shit Anxiety than a social anxiety.

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