One More Disney Day, Why We’re Disneyland Nerds

On February 29, 2012, Disneyland decided to open the park for an entire 24 hours. Gizzy B and I are both annual pass holders and we didn’t want to pass up the chance to be at the park after hours. We thought it would be cool to hang out at the park at 2am in the morning and be able to say that we did it. We just didn’t anticipate the insanity of having every single Southern California Disney fan show up that day and night. Apparently, everyone had the same idea. It was insanity!

I regret nothing.

I went to work that day, went to my hip hop class and went home to get ready for a night of Disneyland. Gizzy B and I were on our way to the park at 10pm, taking the “back way” on the street because the 5 South freeway was bumper to bumper traffic jammed. That was our first clue that this night would be crazier than we anticipated.

10pm – A few blocks away from the park, one of the live Twitter feeds (bless Twitter’s usefulness at events like these!) announced that the park was at full capacity and people were not getting in. We were kind of bummed out but mostly hungry and made the decision to turn around… to eat at Jollibee. My childhood fast food playground from the Philippines.

One More Day Disneyland
Fried chicken and sweet, Filipino-style spaghetti. Need I say more?

11:00pm – Our friends sent us text messages to let us know that they were once again letting people into the park and the lines at the gate were short.

12:00am – We have an adventure trying to find parking at the Toy Story lot. We arrived at the park only to find a line that was possibly the longest line in the history of Disneyland. It was unbelievable. Rumors abound that they were not going to let us suckers in until 2am at the latest since the park was once again, at full capacity.

12:30am – Without warning, the line dispersed within seconds as people began running towards the gates. Yes. People bum rushed the park entrance. I also started running while I yelled at Gizzy B to: RUN! RUN TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! It looked like we were running from zombies or something. People went completely nuts. All that line waiting. It was past everybody’s bedtime on a Wednesday night. They wanted our fucking mac n’ cheese hot dog and their special photo-op with Mickey Mouse. Goddammit. At this point, I wanted to get in just for the principle of getting in.

12:45am – We got through the turnstile and into the park. Many were rejoicing by screaming their brains off like crazy people. We felt victorious.

VICTORY - One More Disney Day
The victorious Lady Geeks.

Was it worth all the insanity? Probably not… but it was fun anyways. The park was the most crowded we’ve ever seen it with really long waits for all of the rides. We ran into some good friends, ate the mac n’ cheese hot dog (it was okay, nothing special) and attempted to mingle with the high school kids at the Dance Party at Tomorrowland (the DJ kind of sucked though). I would have gladly stayed at the park until 6am and watched the sunrise by the castle but I had work the next day, unfortunately. It was definitely an unique experience and it’s just kind of cool to say that we were in Disneyland until 3:30am in the morning.

My only regret is that I didn’t have enough room to try one of the special breakfast menu food items. The French toast looked and smelled delicious.

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