WEB SERIES: Girl and Boy

When farts meet smarts, it’s high brow potty humor, for the low brow comedy lover.

Girl and Boy is a new animated web series created by Barry W. Levy and  Helenna Santos Levy. The main characters appear to be the silhouette “girl” and “boy” logos for public restrooms (hey, we use the same logo too!) with voices that are also provided by Barry and Helenna. Girl and Boy spend their day sitting on the potty discussing celebrities, crushes and all things that are important in life.

Despite the simple animation style of the series, Barry and Helenna breathe life and personalities into their characters with ease.

All 9 episodes of season one are available on the website. Give it a watch. Unless you’re offended by farts. If you are, what’s wrong with you? …Seriously. Lighten up. Farts are funny.

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