It’s bigger on the inside…

Months ago, I promised the Space Pirate Queen I would knit her a Tardis iPad sleeve. (Interestingly, they’re called ‘cozy’ over in England). It took me AGES to find the right kind of blue. It wasn’t like I could walk into a knitting store and ask if they had Tardis blue. Well, I could have, but I already get funny looks for being American, I don’t need more.

Finally, I found the blue I wanted. However, as the pattern used a few techniques for knitting I was unfamiliar with, I decided to start small. I found a similar pattern for a phone sized one.

And this is the end result:


It’s not my tidiest knitting, but I kept undoing bits of it because using two colours of yarn on double pointed needles is like trying to eat ramen and soba noodles with 4 chopsticks and two hands. However, I learned a lot about colourwork and now feel ready to tackle the ipad sleeve!

There are a TON of amazing Doctor Who knitting patterns out there, by the way.

Tardis Socks

Tardis Hat

And my favourite Doctor’s scarf as socks!
Doctor Who Socks

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Written by Pilbeam