Holy New Character Posters, Batman!

Thanks to the cool peeps at ComicBookMovie.com, three new character posters for The Dark Knight Rises have been revealed.

May I just say that they are pretty damn wicked.

And that’s just the Batman one.

Seeing these new posters not only gets me ridiculously pumped up for The Dark Knight Rises, but also brings back the great memories of my excitement before The Dark Knight was released. I practically lived on my computer before that film because I was so hungry for any image or any piece of information before it was out in theaters.

There’s something wonderful about the anticipation for a movie, especially one as epic and long waited as The Dark Knight Rises. That period of time before its release, when you’re so excited that it’s almost unbearable, is one of the greatest and most pleasurable times to be a fan. The speculation, the excitement, the hunger for anything new is a unique experience that you only get to do once. After the movie is out, it’s over. It’s rather bittersweet, really.

For now I am going to overlook this sad aspect of anticipation and just enjoy the ride. July 20th, here we come!

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