Geek Pride Day

Today is Geek Pride Day.

Why today? According to the Wikipedia entry, the “date was chosen to commemorate the release of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope on 25 May 1977.” Fair enough.

Defective Geeks/Lady Geek Photoshoot

I can’t speak for my fellow Defective Geekers but I didn’t do anything special to celebrate since I was at work for most of the day. I celebrated by existing and having my fine self just be the geek I am. That’s enough, right? Insert winky emoticon here. I’ll probably stay in my home tonight and watch a Batman movie or two, while eating a bag of chips. Although I’ve been feeling a little bloated lately, I might lay off the salt. Anyways.

If it’s not evident on the work and effort I put on this blog how much of a “geek” I am, then I’ll gladly give you a quick list of what I am proud of on this Geek Pride Day.

#1 – I am pretty sure I learned how to read with a comic book. The memory is actually very clear to me, that “lightbulb” moment when the letters inside the character’s speech bubble suddenly made sense and formed a word. I can’t tell you which book it was. I’m guessing it was of an Archie kind of book. I just remembered the sudden clarity as my mind opened up to the possibilities of literature. It was awesome.

#2 – I am determined to dust off my sewing machine (or buy a new one, actually) and make a Lady Loki costume based on the movie costume — hopefully to wear to Wicked Phoenix’s superhero themed birthday party.

#3 – I just went through my ridiculous collection of t-shirts, with shirts that I’ve been wearing since high school or college… I’m donating a whole lot of them to Goodwill but there is a pile of it that I still can’t let go. Namely, a Batman the Animated Series shirt that House Cat sent to me before she left for Japan. I will never let go of my X-Files, Lord of the Rings and Animaniacs t-shirts either. In fact, I don’t even wear the Animaniacs shirts anymore because I’m afraid of fading and wearing them out.

#4 – I got laser eye surgery a few years ago and have not needed to wear glasses since. I did buy a pair of glasses with no prescription… just in case I ended up missing wearing them or something.

#5 – I care about my Twitter and my Klout score. I don’t care so much for Facebook though.

#6 – I made sure to move my work schedule around just so I can have July 19 off this year. I have to line up all day for The Dark Knight Rises midnight showing. Duh!

#7 – My nights are spent reading urban fantasy novels before falling asleep. I love stories about women kicking ass with magic and their sexy werewolf/vampire/demi-gods/etc. boyfriends.

#8 – I finally downloaded my copy of Diablo III last night which I got for free since I agreed to do an annual contract for my World of Warcraft account. Sounded like a good deal to me!

#9 – Lately, I’ve been listening to Talkin’ Toons, a podcast hosted by one of my favorite voice actors, Rob Paulsen. I love it so much because back in the heyday of great cartoons in the mid-90s, I was very, very much in love with all the great actors and followed all their work very closely. In fact, I almost cried the one year I ran into Rob at Comic Con. I… bursts into tears when I met Jeff Bennett. It freaked him out. Not my best moment, but hey — I love these guys. Animaniacs and Mighty Ducks: the Animated Series are my life.

#10 – I still wished I could be Rogue from the X-Men. Or Storm. Or Jubilee. Or if Gambit can be my boyfriend, I’ll settle for that too.

BONUS: I wouldn’t mind living in a world ruled by Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick and The Guild’s Felicia Day. Wouldn’t that be super awesome?!

What are your own Geek-Pride-ry? Leave a comment and let me know, or tweet at me @punkagogo.


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