Marlowe the Monster at the Brands Boutique Pop Up Shop

The Brands Boutique will have pop up shop at Anime Expo on June 29-July 2, 2012 selling merchandise from 10 different and local indie brands in California. One of them is Marlowe the Monster by my friend, Shing Yin Khor, which will be available at the shop this year.

How can you not love her work? These monsters are so adorable and she puts in a lot of work with all her individual pieces. They’re all handmade by her, baby, make no mistake. She not only sculpts them, she paints them and she publishes books and comics. Yes, she is one productive and busy lady — which is why I appreciate it when she takes time to eat ramen with me once in awhile!

Here’s an interview with Shing and her participation this year with Brands Boutique.

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What is the inspiration behind Marlowe the Monster and why do you think we all find him so loveable?

SHING YIN KHOR: I’ve always liked drawing and sculpting lumpy monsters, and making little stories with them was a natural progression. Marlowe the Monster is a little bit autobiographical, and I think that most people relate to his troubles, even when they’re going “awwww, he’s so pathetic.”

I honestly have no idea why people think he’s cute, though. I think he’s really dorky.
Have you ever sold Marlowe at Anime Expo before? Are you excited to have your creation a part of a pop up shop with all the other indie brands?

KHOR: I’ve been at AX for a few years in the Artist Alley selling my art and minicomics, but this is the first time the full Marlowe book will be appearing at AX! I am definitely excited to be part of the pop up shop curated by The Brands Boutique – I think it’ll be unique and quirky and adorable and I’m loving all the other artists!

What kind of merchandise will we find at Anime Expo from you? Will there be original statues that are going to be sold?

KHOR: You’ll find my comics, including Marlowe the Monster and an anthology I edited about early internet fandoms, and also postcard prints of my monster art. I actually rarely ever sell Marlowe figures, because they do get reused, but I am working on some display dioramas for the popup shop so you can see into the very, very tiny world of Marlowe.

So far, what has been the best responses to Marlowe have you received? Do you find people really relating to his daily life and adventures?

KHOR: I have people come up to me all the time and say they relate to Marlowe’s depression and other bad days and he’s kind of been their spirit animal that gets them through similar days. It’s surprisingly humbling to hear that!

I also sometimes get drawings from little kids, which usually makes me stare alarmingly at their parents until they assure me that the kids only read kid-safe and parent approved Marlowe comics.

What is in store for Marlowe’s future?

KHOR: Marlowe is definitely evolving a bit; as the story progresses, I’m finding the single panel format of the Marlowe comic a bit constraining, so there’s definitely at least going to be some changes in comic format, although it’ll remain sculpted. I’m slowly teaching myself some stop motion animation and some puppeteering, and some of that effort will definitely be expended towards Marlowe related goodness.

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