An Ode to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and an 80s Dance Party

San Diego Comic-con is coming up and most of us are either excited or stressed out about it… or perhaps both. Of course, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is throwing an epic party: TOTALLY GEEKTASTIC COMIC-CON DANCE PARTY! on Thursday night, July 12 at the Spin Nightclub in San Diego.

Although we are looking forward to the Comic-con shenanigans this year, I thought I should blog about why you should start getting excited for Comikaze Expo 2012 now! Besides the fact that their 80s dance party is going to rock so hard. I bet you never imagined you’d go to an 80s themed party with Stan Lee.

Yes, Comikaze Expo on the same caliber of SDCC’s pop-culture insanity but it offers plenty of guests and attractions carefully picked to cater to the nerds. Comikaze Expo did so well on its first year in 2011 that it had exploded into the community loudly and proudly. I think that you would find that it truly cares about the fans and they’re working hard to improve the quality of the experience for the fans only. Not for Hollywood.

First of all, how can you not want to go when it is Stan (the Man) Lee’s official convention? They’re also partnered off with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. An unlikely but very sexy pair of iconic people in one con!

Regina, reigning queen of the Comikaze Octopus Kingdom, is a true nerd who is so incredibly driven, hardworking and cares a lot about the community. Her only goal is to have an enjoyable convention for all types of nerds. From comic books, to cosplayers, to Nickelodeon shows (because, come on… most of us grew up on 90s Nickelodeon shows!), to horror, to artwork, to books and movies — she wanted to bring it all together on one floor at a minimum cost. No $100+ limited badges here. A mere $25 will get you a weekend pass.

Speaking of Nickelodeon, did you know there will be a Salute Your Shorts reunion at this year’s Comikaze? Whuuuut, what other con will even bother reuniting these guys?! The ALL THAT reunion proved very popular last year and it was just plain out fun.

There is also going to be a film festival called Elvira’s Horror Hunt and filmmakers can submit their scary movies to be judged by the lady Elvira herself.

The list of guests is pretty eclectic in the best way possible, embracing people of different media and work — actors, voice actors, writers, cosplayers and comic book AND tattoo artists. I may possibly have to have Tara Strong, voice actress, sign something with Batgirl on it or something My Little Pony related. Ron Glass, actor, will also be there — I mean, who didn’t love the Preacher from Firefly? The entire cast of the Avengers may not be there but where else can you meet voice actress, Cree Summer, who played Elmyra from Tiny Toons. Seriously. That’s awesome.

Who knows who else you may find on the convention floor. We saw a lot of really cool and iconic individuals last year plus a lot of our friends in the community.

I am sure Regina and her team are using their ninja-like skills to make this year super awesome. They probably still have a lot up their sleeves so I suggest you like them on Facebook or watch their Twitter for exciting news every day… or if you just want to see photos of Stan Lee with his puppet doppelganger, they have those too.

If you are coming to SDCC, you’ll want to attend their dance party, all the info on the Facebook event page:

See you there. It’ll be fun. Maybe we’ll see Stan himself get down on the dance floor.

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