Helenna Santos Levy on ‘Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel’

Photographer: Lowell Ong

Helenna has been taking the geek community by storm as part of Geek Girls Create, her love for new media and her obsession with Joss Whedon. She recently landed one of her dream acting jobs and has joined the cast of Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel. She was kind enough to answer a few question for us on her role in this highly anticipated fantasy web series. She is definitely a girl to keep your eyes on!

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What can you tell us about Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel and how did you get involve?

Helenna: I’m really excited to be a part of Legendary! It’s such a cool project and I think that anyone who is a fan of Game of Thrones, or the fantasy genre in general, is going to freak out over it since it’s basically Game of Thrones for the online audience.

It’s created and written by Oregon local Jay Lee and is set in a mystical realm called Lavornia. The story tells the journey of a small band of warriors sent on a quest by the King of Ariminia to discover a way to stop Draxxus, an evil lord, from spreading everlasting darkness across what’s know as the southern kingdoms of light.

Jay Lee reached out to me after knowing my work and said that he had a great role for me in this project, and I jumped at the chance to be involved!

Your character, Queen Delathor Venoma, is described as an “ageless and seductive exiled Queen”, What can you tell us about her?

HSL: Well, my character lives in a lair in an area of the western mountains called Dragondale. She was exiled from Lavornia after the first dark war for some backhanded and mischievous actions, and is known as the Queen of the western mountains, and no warrior or knight has ever completed a quest there.

Queen Delathor rules over a small group of mountain dwarves who travel throughout the secret passageways that lead to the Southern Kingdoms as well as the North. She is untrusted by everyone, and is thought to possess the dark arts because she doesn’t age. Also, it’s rumored that she has seen and interacted with dragons, but no one knows for sure.

Is this your first high-fantasy role? What are you most looking forward to in portraying this character?

HSL: Yes, this is my first fantasy role and I can’t even wait to delve into her character. I did a lot of Shakespeare while I was in theater school and I really miss being able to play with complex dialogue and walk around in a highly stylized world. I’m also a big Game of Thrones fan so it is such a treat for me to be able to work in the fantasy genre for awhile.

One of the things that I love about this genre, and is so prevalent in Game of Thrones, is that so much is about a power struggle and what people will do to keep that power. It’s fascinating to me. Also, I often find myself walking around my apartment saying, “Where are my dragons?” Okay, not really, but as I said I love Game of Thrones, and the fact that there is a potential for my character to see a dragon is pretty awesome to me! After all, there is a dragon in the trailer and that makes me beyond ecstatic!

Photographer: Lowell Ong

I think it’s pretty awesome that there will be novels and comic books that will complement the “Legendary” web series. Are you looking forward to seeing yourself possibly drawn in comic book form? Better yet, can you imagine when there will be cosplayers from the series at future conventions?

HSL: Oh my gosh, that would be incredible! The team definitely has big plans for the series, especially the transmedia aspect of it all, and hopefully we’ll be making the convention circuit next year. I would just faint if I saw someone in cosplay for my character! That would be amazing! The first person I meet in cosplay as Queen Delathor Venoma gets a drink on me, alcoholic, or non…

You have been producing your own videos and projects online for awhile now and have embraced new media like most of us. Do you believe the future for actors and creative people are on the web?

HSL: Absolutely. I think that we are already seeing a huge shift. It’s starting to get to the point where we no longer see web series, TV series, viral video, music videos etc… as separate content. Now it’s all starting to be just “content,” and people are consuming that content from their iPhones and computers and televisions. It’s everywhere and there is just an endless amount of opportunity out there. It’s such an exciting time.

Do you have any other ongoing projects at the moment that people can check out or look forward to?

HSL: I have a lot of dragon eggs in the fire right now… but the most immediate project I have coming out is for my friend, and fellow Geek Girls Create panelist Kristen Nedopak’s Skyrim Parodies. I play one of the Forsworn and got to do some stunt choreography. I had such a great time working on that and the teasers are now available online at www.skyrimparodies.com

Check out the series official website at: www.legendary-series.com
Visit Helenna’s official website at: www.helennasantoslevy.com
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