GEEK LIFE: Summer is Almost Over, the Sun Ain’t So Bad

An excuse to put a photo of JGL on the website.

Summer 2012 is winding down, can you believe it? Earlier this month, I said I can’t believe it’s August already… and now the month is over! There are plenty of blogs out there putting out a list of things-to-do before the summer ends. I figured, I’ll put my own personal spin on a list to share with my fellow Lady and Non-Lady Geeks. So, what should you do before the summer is over? Here are a few ideas.

1: Catch up with Television. The new Fall Season is going to premiere very soon and you’ll be that much more behind with shows. Time to catch up. I am personally trying to finish The Vampire Diaries season 3 and I really should go ahead and watch the last few episodes of Supernatural. I’m a bad fan (sad face).

2: Watch Premium Rush. Josepth Gordon-Levitt movies… enough said.

3: Find a peaceful place to go for a walk. Of course, do this during the late afternoon when the sun isn’t trying to murder you in sweat. I understand most of us nerds can’t handle the rays on our perfectly video-gaming-interneting-pale skin. Still, it is nice to go out for a walk on the beach or at a park while listening to an audio book or your favorite podcast or talking with a friend. Appreciate the nice weather while you can because as they say, winter is coming.

4: Watch the Dark Knight Rises in theaters again. Specifically, watch it in IMAX — real IMAX. Supposedly, the movie will keep playing in IMAX theatres until the new James Bond movie takes over. Plenty of time to watch it at least ten times more!

the dark knight rises midnight screening!
Batman orders you to watch his movie.

5: Have a themed end-of-summer party! I’m not good at putting parties together but someone else should do it and invite me. Have it be themed according to your geek interest and put on a trilogy for a drinking game. Suggestions: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, for maximum drunkenness. If you need themed food ideas, visit my friend’s website at (pimp’d!).

6: Get ice cream with a friend you don’t normally see outside of a convention. You know those friends you make at conventions or any number of geek events you attend at  but you only always see them annually at the same event besides staying “in touch” online? Try hitting them up with a Facebook message or a Tweet and propose an actual hang-out and get to know them. You might have a new BFF by the end of the day.

7: Make a “What I Did This Summer” Video for YouTube. At elementary school, we’ve all had that one ‘mean’ teacher who gave you homework over the summer and made you write an essay describing anything you did during your vacation. Then, you just get jealous of your classmates who got to go to Disneyworld over the summer. Anyways, why not make a video diary to share with other people what you did over the summer? I’m telling you… at least one person will watch it.

8: Start planning for the fall and winter season of conventions. It’s never too early to get on those cosplays and convention plans. I should take my own advice and start planning for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo which is coming up in two weeks! Ahh!

9: Relax for a day. Most days right now makes it way too hot to think or be productive. Most of you probably deserve a day off from the daily grind. Give yourself some time off, spend a day napping, reading, watching movies and playing video games. In my case, obsessively playing with Facebook games. Don’t feel guilty for being lazy and enjoy the summer day indoor, away from the smelly, outside world.

10: Go on a random road trip. We tend to stay in our own area, neighborhoods and wherever else that is familiar. I know that there are so many places in Southern California that are driving distance that I personally haven’t been to. Grab some friends, decide on whose car to take (or even rent a car for a day) and point at a random place on a map to drive to. A ghost town? A national park? A creepy museum? A tourist trap? A comic book store all the way up in the Valley? Do it. Have an adventure!

11: Batman Live.

12: Learn to do something new on your computer. Again, is it too hot to step outside? Then let us explore the possibilities of the universe inside a computer. Ever wanted to learn how to edit videos or use Photoshop? You can learn to do a lot of things on your own these days with the help of the internet and free tutorials. After you do #9, it’s time to get productive!

13: End of Summer Sales. I don’t mean going to the mall and having to deal with the crazy people there. If you have local comic book shops, I guarantee most of them are going to have sales. Even easier, pay attention to your favorite online stores that sells your favorite t-shirts and merchandise, and watch out for those sales. Maybe you’ll finally get that Dalek desktop companion you’ve always wanted… (and by you, I mean, me.)

14: Give away your books. I understand that us nerds tend to get emotionally attached to objects – whether it be our toys, books, comic books, t-shirts, etc. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s kind of a crime to let your books sit in bookshelves and collect dust. Even worst, boxed up somewhere in a garage or basement. It’s time to go through your collection and share them with your friends, family or the local library. Let someone else enjoy your favorite book back in 1999. That book deserves to be passed on and loved by another person. This can also apply to comic books.

15: Go to Disneyland. Okay, this is mostly a note for myself. I haven’t been to Disneyland all summer long because I didn’t want to be there during the heat and deal with the summer crowd — but I have an annual pass, so I need to go again soon!

16: Summer Boyfriend photo album. Or Summer Girlfriend! Didn’t quite have that romantic, summer love rendezvous with Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Felicia Day? Then do the next best thing – start a photo album and collect photos of your fantasy summer boyfriends and girlfriends. Pinterest is a great place for this. Don’t worry… no one will judge you. Too much.

17: Get excited for Halloween. Gizzy B would be the first to agree that it is never too early to plan for Halloween. Or as we cosplayers say, International Cosplay Day.

18: Dance randomly, Gangnam Style. Are you the type of person who — like I! — is willing to do random, funny shit in public? Then why not go out there and do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you better watch the video below. It will change your life.

19: Turn a T-shirt into a scarf. Again, let’s prepare for winter and if you have summer clothes that are ready to go, take inventory because some of those t-shirts might make good scarves. There are tones of tutorials online and here’s one from DIY T-Shirt Scarf. Instead of having to spend money on winter accessories, you can have fun turning summer clothing to winter clothing.

20: Saturday morning cartoons. I’m pretty out of touch with Saturday morning cartoons these days. Not quite sure what the kids are watching now but maybe it’s a good chance to pretend that we are all on summer vacation. Get up on a Saturday morning, watch cartoons and eat Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast in our pajamas. If the current Saturday morning line-up is not your cup of tea, then pop in that Animaniacs DVD and get nostalgic. Your favorite bowl of cereal is key to the experience.

hawaii, extra pics!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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