Comikaze Expo 2012: The Boondock Saints Reunion

Here are some highlights from the Comikaze Expo’s Boondock Saints reunion with Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus and David Della Rocco himself. Wicked Phoenix happened to walk by a private secret surprise panel and joined in the reunion fun as the Space Pirate Queen rushed over to be claimed by Norman Reedus.

What directors do you find inspiring?

Norman Reedus: That’s a tough question. Ridley Scott, John Carpenter—there is a long list of directors, their flavor has influenced tons of different flavors. I mean there’s a lot of directors I love. Directors I’ve worked with? Guillermo Del Toro is fuckin magic, John Carpenter is magic, Troy Duffy is a douchebag!

Boondock Saints @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Where there any scenes from BDS 1 or 2 that you found particularly difficult but fun to shoot?

NR: I loved the courtroom scene in the first one. Troy was like “You deliver these people!” Hmm—What was the most difficult scene…
Sean Patrick Flannery: For you? The building.
NR: Right! Jumping off the building. I had a dislocated shoulder at the time we had to jump off this building but into a giant vat. Meanwhile Flannery is doing like triple gators and shit. I couldn’t do the dive to the roll cause it was killing my thing and Troy’s like “You pussy, fucking jump!”
SPF: Reedus would run up with gusto, man and then he’d go “Ayy” (Girlish scream) We had a pow-wow and Reedus would go “I got it this time! I got it this time!” And run up again and at the last minute go “Ayy”
NR: I dunno if I squeaked but it definitely hurt like hell to land.
SPF: He did have a fucked up shoulder, that’s the truth.
NR: I’m always hurt all the time. I just had stitches across my forehead, giant scar. The story is we’re doing a scene in Walking Dead like two weeks ago and we did this thing with a gun and I got hit in the face with the gun—a big metal gun and blood was squirting out of my face and I’m standing there like “I’ll kill you” and on top of it I have all the fake blood on me from the show and the ambulance on set is freaking out cause I’m covered in blood, I go to the hospital, they stitch me up and I go back to get my car and as I leave the set there is a van, and I’m in the passenger’s side—there is another driver driving my car back to the apartment and I’m still covered in blood and we come over a hill and there is an 18 wheeler truck on its side in a ditch and there’s telephone poles down and there’s a lady in the middle of the street going “I think he had a heart attack.”

So I jump out of the passenger side, go onto the truck, pull this huge sweaty guy out of his truck, lay him out on the ground and I’m like “come one stay with me” and he’s kinda in and out of it and I’m like “What’s your name?” Then the ambulance finally shows up, he comes running over and is like “Did I just take you to the hospital?” I’m like “It’s not me, it’s him.” And I’m covered in blood. There’s cars stopping and taking pictures and stuff. It was the worst fuckin day ever.

Boondock Saints @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Funny fan encounters…

SPF: There was this chick and she was staring at me and staring at me and finally she got up to me (at a con booth) and was like “I-I-I-Can’t-T-T-Tell you…I-I-I- love you in Walking Dead.”  She fucking stood in that line staring for twenty fucking minutes to tell me that she loved me in fucking Walking Dead. So I had to oblige her and I was like “Thanks!” Couldn’t shoot her down at that point right?
NR: I get that all the time, all the time.
Advice for aspiring directors

SPF: Wanna be a director? Learn every aspect of movie production. There are some directors out there who only got into it cause they were writers and they don’t know, the physical aspect, the technical aspect of it, then there’s some directors that are only screen directions guys, then there’s some directors who got into it cause they’re editors.

So, if you wanna be a director know all aspects of it. Everything. Know how the make-up dept works, know how long it takes to do a certain kind of makeup, how stunts work, how long it takes to organize a stunt, know how to communicate with the actors, how to be a leader. Be a visionary. Know composition as well as scene structure.

Boondock Saints @ Comikaze Expo 2012

Did they get strangely aroused when Willem Dafoe dressed up as a woman?

SPF: I’m gonna be honest, we were watching the scene cause it was so weird and a lot of time Roc just comes up with some random shit like outta the fucking blue, Roc leans over and he looks over—He (Dafoe) still has his hair net on, the wig fell out, and is on the ground and Roc goes “I chubbed up a little bit”
David Della Rocco: That’s not true.
NR: I made out with Alan Rickman what do you think?
SPF: It was Reedus’ idea, we got to vote, he was like “Put him in a dress”

Boondock Saints @ Comikaze Expo 2012

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