GEEK LIFE: Buying Boxes and Organizing

I’m no longer much of a “collector” — sure there are still merchandise I would impulsively buy just because my deep, deep obsessive core would tell me that I need those things to live. Practical (and money) reasons has forced me to tame my geek-hoarder tendencies down, narrowing my collection down to my personal fangirl necessities.

The other night, I found myself buying clearance storage boxes from Target and buckling down to sort through my comic book collection. I like boxes much more than bookshelves most of the time. It’s the best way to keep dust from collecting on the books, first of all.

When was the last time you sorted through your collection?

Thrilled to find that the boxes I got fit my trade books perfectly! I’m also glad I kept some issues of Wizard Magazine in my collection. Back in those days, that kind of comic book news didn’t come as easy and you actually had to read these things on print. It’s fun to flip through them and see the breaking news stories back in those days.

I kind of regret throwing the majority of Wizard magazines that I owned because I would be curious to go through those… but I seriously had a ridiculous stack of them for awhile and had nowhere to put them. Sigh. I remember sitting down a few years ago and picking out my “favorite” issues to keep. Though I can’t tell you what defined what my favorite was back then already… forgot what my judging criteria were!

A book that I can not bring myself to throw away. How can I? Not that it’s a collector’s item by any means, it’s currently $11 on Amazon. This book is so old school and wonderful… and I did learn a few things about how to draw Spiderman. If I was to cough up the money to get a Stan Lee autograph one day, I would probably have him sign this book.

I don’t have an impressive comic book or manga collection, really. Though I did fill a few boxes. I tend to be on again, off again when it comes to buying comics. My favorite issues are still the ones I read in the 90s — a lot of X-Men and Spiderman.

No, I don’t have anything that’s worth anything. I just don’t ever collect for the reason of ‘this might be worth something some day!’ It really was just out of compulsive love out of what I was currently into. I mean, why else would I still have a box full of action figures from the Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series. That’s a blog for another day.

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