MOVIE REVIEW: With Great Power… The Stan Lee Story

With Great Power… The Stan Lee Story is a very thorough but heartfelt look at Stan Lee’s career in the comic book industry. If you were ever lucky enough to witness Stan ‘The Man’ Lee speaking in public, you know this icon is a charmer, extremely funny and he just glows with kindness. The last time I met him personally, he planted a smooch right on my cheek! I was in heaven! I felt like I was pretty much blessed by a great man, if not a God in the Geek World.

At 89 years old, Stan has the energy of a young man and more love for life than any of us can ever imagine.

I was afraid that this documentary would just be full of celebrity types talking and the movie did open with a montage of different famous personalities talking about how great Stan is and how much they love him. Even a brief appearance from Paris Hilton with a “Stan lee is hot” line. Thankfully, the movie very quickly delved into Stan’s history — from his family, to his career, to why he changed his name and how he met his wife of 60 years.

The most humbling element of Stan’s personality is how quickly he is willing to give other people credit. And that he always remembers to give other people credit. He never forgets to mention Jack Kirby and all the other artists and writers he had collaborated with to make the Marvel Universe what it known for today.¬† In fact, before Stan worked at comic books, artists and writers barely got their name credited on the books. Stan revolutionized the crediting system in books, making sure that every single person’s name appeared somewhere on the book — which is the norm today. He is the kind of person who never forgets the people that supported him throughout the years, no matter how big or small.

I admire how much he loves what he is doing and never grew tired of it. At one interview clip, he explained that retirement would be a punishment for him because of how much he loves comic books and working with all kinds of creative people. To be considered an icon and yet still look at everything with such a boyish wonder is a rare gift, I believe. Stan Lee earned every single adoration and fun he has now. He worked very hard and still works very hard. He had stayed true to himself and his morals which is the reason he is beloved by so many people.

Speaking of love, my favorite part in the documentary is when they featured him interacting with his wife, Joan, and it was so lovely to see their interaction and chemistry together. I consider them true royalty. Stan’s funny quips about his wife and his marriage got me laughing so much.

I highly recommend this documentary to all comic book fans. It made me so happy and the little Marvel girl inside of me could not stop squeeing. This man helped shape my childhood and everything that I am doing now was influenced by all the X-Men and Spiderman books I read.

Tomorrow, on November 6, 2012, the DVD will be released through the distributor, FILM BUFF. Though the movie’s Facebook page announced that the DVD will hit stores on November 13, 2012. Keep an eye out! The DVD has tons of bonus featurettes with over 90 minutes of extra footage. That’s another movie within a movie! Again, my favorite bonus video is the “love story” clip where Stan explains how he met and fell in love with his wife. So sweet and adorable!

Pick up your copy soon. This is a must for all comic book collectors. Get it signed by Stan Lee at his next appearance too!

Click here to view the movie on FILMBUFF’s website.

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Bonus! My photo with Stan Lee from 2004 in Long Beach. Yes, I was in the middle of a Kabuki shoot when we ran into him… hence, the scarring on my face. Stan thought I had a tattoo on my face.

With Stan Lee

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