ThanksGEEKing, What I’m Thankful For

ThanksGEEKing! I totally just made that up. Feel free to yell at me.

2012 for ‘geeks’ has been a good one and continues to be a good one. As a fangirl representative of this blog, I thought I would make up a list of all the things I am thankful for. Besides family, friends and a good life, I certainly have had a good year of fangirling and I’m going to start  with the obvious…

The Hobbit

There was a general grumble of complaints when it was officially announced that The Hobbit has been split up into a trilogy. We said: How can they pull three movies out of that wee book? The Lord of the Rings trilogy made more sense but The Hobbit?! Then we stopped and realized we got so busy whining and forgot to high five each other because we are getting THREE MORE MOVIES full of hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards and the freakin’ Middle Earth! Why are we complaining so much about this again?!

I am grateful that The Hobbit movies have arrived because we thought we weren’t going to get them for awhile. I will be watching the midnight show on December 13 and reliving my early-20s wonder. Possibly crying while in some sort of hobbit costume.

Comikaze Expo

Although we absolutely adore San Diego Comic-con forever and ever, each year has been more and more difficult to fully enjoy the convention due to its magnitude. There are just too many damn things to see, which is not a bad thing but it can be overwhelming. Friend of Defective Geeks, Regina, started Comikaze Expo in 2011 and this year the convention exploded with Stan Lee as its father and Elvira as its mother. They have embraced and celebrated comic books, movies, artists, writers and all kinds of media arts… plus real life Quidditch! It’s cool.

I am thankful to have a truly local comic and pop culture convention that we can look forward to that still has the feeling of community and togetherness.

Other local Southern California conventions of note are Long Beach Comic Con and upcoming Bent Con. Bonus: Wondercon is returning to Anaheim in 2013!

Sexy Superhero Dudes

It’s truly our year, ladies. We got The Avengers. Oh, of course, a lot of the male comic-book reading population was excited to see The Avengers because who would have thunk that film would ever come to light?

As a nerd, it’s kind of awesome.

As a fangirl, it’s kind of really awesome. Why? Because of this:

Them male-booty shots drizzled all over the movie. FINALLY, WE GET OURS! THANK YOU, JOSS WHEDON! Oh, and Scarlett Johansson’s ass was nice too but at least the male to female ass ratio was to our advantage this time around.

Not only that, but these heroes had above average but relatively normal muscle mass. Not scary, bulging, steroid mess we normally see (with the exception of the Hulk, of course, and that’s gamma radiation not steroids). Go team eye candy for the ladies!

Other noteworthy sexy heroes are The Dark Knight Rises and the CWTV’s newest series, Arrow. Arrow gets a special thank you for constantly showing Oliver topless for no other reason than to reassure us that he indeed has a six-pack of abs. And if Magic Mike counted as super hero dudes then we are thankful for that one too.

Oh, and Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead is also a sexy super hero due. If you care to argue this claim, take it up with him and his crossbow.

Cute Clothes… Finally.

As much as I love t-shirts and having Star Wars or My Little Pony on them to wear, I tend to branch out a little bit more when it comes to wardrobe. I’m a bit of a fashion whore and for a while, it was a struggle to represent my dork hobbies without looking like a dork.

Black Milk Clothing’s Star Wars line is wonderful but it is pretty pricey for the average girl. I would love to own a pair of those leggings. There’s been a burst of high fashion involving Batman too with the release of TDKR this past summer. Lazy Oaf released a limited line of leggings, shirts and dresses for both men and women.

Even Hot Topic released a Tardis dress from Doctor Who (I own this one!).

A quick jaunt over to and you will find thousands of clothes and accessories inspired by whatever geeky things you are currently into. It’s best to support a small business so I urge you to do your holiday shopping there for your geeky friends. I guarantee you will find something absolutely unique for the special nerds in your life!

Special mention to our friends I mean, if you’re going to wear t-shirts, get the cute ones from them at least!

Live Shows

Never in a million, bajillion years would I have thought that I would be doing live podcast shows when we first started the podcast. The podcast was an excuse to force my friends one night a week to have a conversation with me and it has slowly become one of the more popular feature of Defective Geeks. I was never much of a front and center, on stage performer and I have horrible public speaking skills. Doing the live shows forced me out of my comfort zone and I am enjoying it much more than expected.


We are wrapping up 2012 with two more live shows in December.

A special thank you to The Comic Bug for getting us started and hosting our 5th Year Anniversary Show; for Bubble Punch for offering us the gig each time they hold SUPER*MARKET at Meltdown Comics; and for Chris Gore who is bringing us to iO West Theater for the first time. We couldn’t have done it without you and I am thankful that you guys are our friends.

Super-giant-thank you to everyone who came to our 5th Year Anniversary Party, by the way. My heart still swells with so much love for all our friends and family who supported us that day! We are so lucky to have have met the best people in Los Angeles!



And We Are Thankful for YOU!

I am especially thankful for another year with Defective Geeks and all our readers, listeners, contributers and supporters. This website is mostly for my own personal joy and creative satisfaction but it makes it so much better to know that other people enjoy it too. I know there are tons of blogs to look at on the internet — it’s an information overload out there — and when you give our website a chunk of your time, we thank you. I hope you have enjoyed our content more than ever and I hope to continue to bring more and more fun and unique blogs for all our readers.

For all you Americans out there, celebrate Thanksgiving and be grateful for what we have as a country. If you know anyone who is having a hard time this year, go out of your way to help them out during this holiday. There is plenty to go around for everyone and we should all have some thing to be thankful for.

For the rest of the world,  let us be thankful that we are living in an age where geeks have taken over the world. We all deserve a giant, collective, digital high fives.

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