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My Fandom and Long Beach Collide by Stephanie Pacheco

It’s no secret I’m addicted, possibly in love, with watching TV shows on my fancy DVR at home in between procrastinating on my wedding planning. More recently I’ve become infatuated with spotting places filmed in my current home town of Long Beach, CA on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s True Blood.  I grew up in Los Angeles and watched film crews invade my old neighborhood from time to time, and I revel in it every single time! I use to work in Downtown Los Angeles during college and I would sneak out of the office to watch film crews and their trailers take over the vacant business district on the weekends, and try to spot a celebrity in between takes. This is why it’s so thrilling to recognize all those places I walk or drive by daily in a city I consider my second home, Long Beach. I annoy my fiancé and roommate all the time with my pointy finger wagging at the television saying where the scene was filmed in Los Angeles or Long Beach at least once a week.

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Journey to The Hobbit: Let’s All Visit New Zealand

A four minute exclusive video from Air New Zealand on making of Middle Earth. To Lord of the Rings movie fans, New Zealand is the ultimate mecca. Not only does it look like a beautiful country but you can now visit the real Shire movie set that they had decided to not tear down after production.

My definite goal is to visit New Zealand within the next couple of years and get the full on Hobbit, Elves, Dwarves, etc. experience. Doesn’t the green scenery in this video just make your inner nature lover drool profusely? So magical and peaceful!

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