Next up on the Defective Geeks Holiday Movie Extravaganza is one of my favorite films, Auntie Mame.


Auntie Mame is about an utterly fabulous free thinking east coast woman, Mame, who winds up becoming the legal guardian to her orphaned nephew. Her nephew, Patrick, was raised very conservatively and through Patrick’s eyes we are introduced to her bohemian lifestyle, theatrical friends, and the trials and tribulations the new family faces when the Great Depression hits, when Patrick is taken away to a boarding school against Mame’s wishes, and the reaction when he returns with a less than desirable fiancé. Rosalind Russell shines as Mame, and is as eccentric in personality as each of her fabulous outfits.


Why is Auntie Mame a Christmas movie? Well, part of it takes place during Christmas. Another reason is because  this story teaches a very important lesson about life and Christmas is a good time to be reflective of such things. Without a doubt the most famous line from this movie comes from Mame’s lips and I believe is a motto everyone ought to adopt:

‘Live! Life’s a banquent and most poor suckers are starving to death!’ 


Mame is also an amazing role model. She’s a strong, independent, free thinking woman and has the resources to look after herself and others. Even if she is not Patrick’s biological mother, she loves him as if she were and gives him an amazing adventure of a childhood. It also shows how a family may be unconventional, yet have as much love and power as a ‘traditional’ one.

So grab a martini glass and wear your tackiest Christmas sweater and watch Auntie Mame. It will make you laugh and appreciate what family you have, conventional or not.

Auntie Mame trailer:

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