Tina and Amy, They Went There at The Golden Globes

Golden Globes

“None of us has ‘plans’ to do porn.”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are always a breath of fresh air. Funny and funny, slightly bitter-sarcastic, breaths of fresh Award Show air. Admittedly, I am not one to sit around and watch award shows. I usually walk in and out of the living room to catch glimpses of the presenters and speeches throughout the show. Sometimes, I narrow my eyes slightly at all the beautiful celebrities patting each other on their backs, resentful that none of them want to be my BFF.

In fact, I only watched Tina and Amy’s opening monologue this morning via YouTube — quickly! Before it gets taken down for copyright reasons!

I did sit through Jodie Foster’s slightly confusing speech which everyone claimed to be inspiring. I suppose if you weeded out all the weird stuff from it, it was empowering for women. Either way, Foster can do and say whatever the hell she wants because she very much deserves it.

These Lady Comedians may not be the kind of nerds that I am but I’d like to think we are all coming from within the same awkward feelings. I love that Tina and Amy hosted the Golden Globes Awards. They somehow made me feel like the show became much more accessible. In the past years, it was only a train of celebrities showing off their designer gowns, jewelry and their trophies. And all I felt was jealousy that they can afford to be so glamorous. We all have our inner princesses.

This year, Tina and Amy made the viewers, like myself, feel like they belonged. They said and did the things that we all imagined we’d do if we were hosting the show. For example, Amy sitting on George Clooney’s lap when they did her close-up during her nomination call out.

George Clooney


Or Glenn Close being super drunk.


Glenn Close

It’s fun to see Hollywood act more candid and be open to a sense of humor despite the hoity-toity-ness of most award shows. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are powerful, funny women who are breaking the glass ceiling for girls everywhere. Now we can all aspire to not only wear the pretty dresses; we can also aspire to be intelligent and witty . . . but be allowed to also be sometimes awkward and uncool.

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