Movies That I Should Have Watched, But I Haven’t (Yet)


I am pretty notorious for not watching movies until months or even years later. Even the movies I’ve been looking forward to and wanted to watch. I have several excuses: 1) I don’t have time 2) Movie tickets are expensive 3) There’s too much to consume, my brain ends up exploding 4) It’s hard to sit for 2 to 3 hours for me without multitasking and being productive 5) I don’t have time. I don’t mind going to the movies by myself, but seriously… I don’t have time.

When it comes down to it, I just suck at watching movies. I am the reason everyone fails at the box office. Here is my list of movies that I should have watched but I haven’t.


Wreck-it Ralph
That one Pixar movie that everyone said that everyone else should go see. Did I go see it? Nope. Do I feel like a part of my heart that belongs to my inner child is slowly dying? A little bit. I want to watch this movie so, so bad and now I am dutifully waiting for when it is released on blu-ray. I need my fix of adorable Pixar magic that will make me cry like a baby at some point during the movie.

A Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie that I have not watch. It truly is a big deal. It’s out on blu-ray/DVD so I have no real excuse on why I have not seen this movie. I am making it a point to watch it real soon. I mean JGL is in his underwear a lot in this movie… why have I not viewed this movie in my room in the dark yet?! To be fair, I don’t even remember if it ever hit a lot of the big screens when it was released.


I have a soft spot for stop motion animation. To me it is second most impressive to 2D animation. ParaNorman got a lot of good reviews and it just looks so darn cute.


Your Highness
It has James Franco, Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman in it. You really can’t give me any more reason to watch this movie no matter how ridiculous it looks. I don’t remember it doing very well when it was released but I am pretty sure I’ll find it amusing anyways.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
I haven’t read the book yet though so I think that’s why I’m kind of holding off on this one. I am seriously dying to see how this movie turned out though. I can’t wait for the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

John Carter

John Carter
This movie had a sad life when it hit the theaters because it was hard to market to the muggles despite having Disney backing it. I barely realized it was out when it got released but I do want to watch this film because all my cool, geeky friends said it was awesome. It looks awesome.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
I am surprised at myself that I have yet to see the last Pirates movie. I watched the first three — in theaters! — dutifully just because I did love the first one, the second one and some of the third one. Making a fourth film may seem like overdoing the Captain Jack schtick, but come on…. pirates!

In Time
Yes, I know this movie wasn’t all that great and everyone told me I am not missing out but I don’t know… I still kind of want to watch it. It’s science fiction with Justin Timberlake. How can I truly say no? I mean I sat through the entirety of Sucker Punch and it can’t be as half bad as that!

127 Hours
Again, it’s James Franco. Want to know the worst part? I own a copy of the DVD of this movie and I’ve had it for over a year now. I still haven’t gotten around to watching it. What’s wrong with me?! I’ve had people tell me this movie was very stressful to watch and I guess I was just afraid of getting freaked out too much!


Cloud Atlas
When I saw the trailer for this movie, it caught my imagination immediately and I wanted to see it so badly. Though I wasn’t keen on going to see it in theaters because it seemed like a really long movie. I reserve my “watching long-ass movies in theaters” only when it involves Batman or hobbits. But this movie’s story is up my alley and it looks like a gorgeous film. I can’t wait for this one to get on blu-ray because I am watching the heck out of it when it does.

– – –

Let’s not even get into the fact that I missed out on The Lucky One or The Vow! Or all the Ryan Gosling movie I haven’t seen yet. Let’s not even go there!

Now you may be asking: SPQ, was this post just an excuse to put a screencap of JGL in his underwear on the front page of Defective Geeks? And I would answer: yes.

In all seriousness, as you can see, I have many movies that I need to watch through my eyeholes. I think I would need to take vacation time to actually get through the ones on this list and the ones that I didn’t even include in this blog post.Wish me luck.

Which movies did you mean to see when it was in theaters but didn’t get a chance to?

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