Women I Admire: Amber Benson


If you were a teenager in the 90s meant you probably watched Buffy ,The Vampire Slayer. I didn’t stick around till the very end of the show (I’m not a fan of ‘college years’, I guess) but I do remember when Willow cheated on Oz with someone else . . . and that someone else happened to be another witch named Tara,. Whoa. Talk about breaking the grounds on mainstream television with vampires!

I remembered Tara and the relationship that blossomed between her and Willow. I also remembered getting very emotionally invested when Oz found out and became very brokenhearted. It was a really sad moment and still affects me to this day. I had a fangirl crush on Oz then. Now, that fangirl crush has transferred over to Amber Benson. Sorry, Oz . . . it looks like Tara just has a way with the ladies.

Admittedly, it was listening to the Nerdist podcast episode that guest starred Benson that fueled my renewed interest. I loved her attitude and her slightly twisted sense of humor. She spoke about how tough and harsh the acting world was in Hollywood but she had the need to keep creating which led to her writing career.

I’ve always had a greater admiration for writers, specifically, fiction writers. I’m kind of in awe of people who have published their work successfully. Although I am a grown adult and I understand the specific work that goes into writing a book, I still find it all so very magical.

Which is why Amber Benson is now a magical creature of funny, clever and amazing writing. I think it’s super-cool to go from acting to writing.

In fact, I had no idea that I had an Amber Benson novel sitting in my bookshelf for over a year now! I believe her most well-known series is the Calliope Reaper-Jones series about Death — a character somewhat reminiscent to Neil Gaiman’s Death if she had been given a human life, backstory and the sassy mind that can only come from Benson. I love the characters she creates and how her main character, Callie, is snarky, very girly but tough around her own edges. The story is from Callie’s point of view which for the most part, is quite a realistic train of thought for a single woman. I have a feeling it is the closest we will get to how Benson’s mind works as well.


And that is how she is now on my list of lady geek crushes. She will be making an appearance at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on February 26 and I am crossing my fingers that I could make it!

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