Things I Want: Princess Jasmine’s Make-Up


As a girl, I subscribe to tons of newsletter that takes up the majority of my e-mail inbox. Things like The Nerdist, ThinkGeek, and — oh, you know . . . Sephora. Yesterday, this caught my eye especially. My Disney lovin’ eyes. For those who do not follow make-up like I do, Sephora has been releasing Disney inspired products and this time the Princess Jasmine collection has been released!


I love these especially because Aladdin is probably my number one Disney movie and Princess Jasmine is my girl. As a young girl, I always felt that she stood out from the Princesses. She wasn’t downtrodden like Cinderalla or Snow White. She was a rich princess with all the privilege in the world. Usually, her type of girl would be stereotyped as the evil stepsister or the big brat of the show. Jasmine is a smart and independent girl. She was brave and she had sass. She stood up for what she wanted and dammit, she had a pet tiger.

Of course, we can go into depth on her character and how in order to make her the “man” of the family, the Sultan was stripped of his masculinity. So on and so forth . . . but for now, let’s just look at pretty make-up!


jasmine-sephora4 jasmine-sephora5

This is only available online on the Sephora website, check it out!

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