A Dolly Good Time!

The Dolly House Runway Show invited us to attend their show last weekend at UCI! It was their first fashion show and everyone was super excited and gathered to support their favorite designers and to share their love for Lolita fashion.

Lolita fashion culture is a very fanciful one filled with a rainbow of color and soft and cute accessories. It has has floated across the world and has given many young women a very cute and creative way to express themselves beyond the norm. Even if I am not a part of the culture, I can certainly appreciate the time and effort it takes to be a lolita.

I had the impression that Lolita fashion was very hard to get into a long time ago. It caters to specific tastes and you couldn’t just walk into a ‘Lolitas R Us’ store in America to get your fix of dresses and shoes. The main brands  must be imported from Japan and the foreign culture is even smaller than in its origin’s. It always seemed like a fantasy from a faraway land.

Or from Kamikaze Girls.

The Lolita subculture has come along way in recent years and The Dolly House Runway Show is the first of its kind, giving fans of Lolita not only a chance to convene and to talk with others beyond the keyboard but to also be a part of a local runway show specifically for them.

There were many types of Lolita!

I wanted to squish all their cheeks and retie bows that were in need of refreshing.

I also ran into our friend Julie! I was so happy to her.

There were vendors selling all sorts of wares. All very cute. Also all very expensive. I was broke so I settled for window shopping and staring longingly.

The lovely hosts! You can’t see it clearly but they’re both wearing ball-jointed stockings.

There were also three full runway shows. Two of them featured the newest upcoming things from the sponsors Maruq and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. The third one showcased independent designer lines. It was also a contest judged by Cyril of DollDelight.

She was super cute.

The independent designer show was the most interesting to me because I was really interested to see how indie designers would translate their love for Lolita fashion into their own unique styles.

The winners were from Nocturnal 7th Opera! Don’t they look dashing?

The band Midnight Shinigami performed a very energetic lineup of Japanese pop and anime song covers which got the lolitas rocking after the runway shows and a full day of shopping.

I love how American lolitas are prim and proper but are not above having a great time dancing!

And how it all ended with a giant rainbow-colored hug. Daww.

I might not be a lolita but It was a unique opportunity to observe all the ladies and gentlemen who have embraced the lifestyle and whom had come out to have a full day of fun. I always love people-watching (it’s the artist side of me) and I cannot think of any group more colorful and pretty.

I wish the organizers the best of luck and that there will be future events on the horizon. The scene here is certainly blossoming as more young women embrace the lifestyle of pastel hearts and tiny bows. And why not?

See the rest of the photos Here.

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