Karl Urban and Michael Ealy Cast in New Pilot ‘Human’

If you happened to hear a distant, piercing shriek sometime on Tuesday morning, sorry, that was probably me. Because that was when it became official: Karl Urban is co-starring with Michael Ealy in the pilot for a scifi buddy cop series. I swear to god, I am not making any of this up.

“The drama, which is now going by the title Human, is described as an action-packed buddy-cop show set in the near future, when all LAPD officers are partnered with highly evolved humanlike androids. Urban will take on the leading role of John Kennex, a respected police officer who has shut down emotionally after a tragic mission that claimed the lives of nine of his fellow elite officers and left him critically injured.” (1)

Michael Ealy was cast back in February as the android Dorian, “who understands humanity more than his human partner.” (2)

In summary: Karl Urban is a damaged cop with a Tragic Past, Michael Ealy is a beautiful android with Feelings. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

Other cast members include Lili Taylor as Maldonado, “an ambitious and determined police captain who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good,” and Minka Kelly as Valerie Stahl, “a uniformed cop with a strong moral compass who believes the best of people.” (3, 4)

They are joined by Michael Irby, who plays “top LAPD Detective Richard Paul who blames Kennex for the death of [their] fellow officers,” and Mackenzie Crook as Rudy Lom, “the eccentric and underpaid designer of the LAPD’s robotics squad.” (5)

Filming has already begun in Vancouver, and is expected to wrap by the end of April. Fox network has signed on for the pilot, with J. J. Abrams and J. H. Wyman as the creative minds behind the show. I know it’s a bit early to get my hopes up, but since these are all the same players who brought us Fringe, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a pick up and many, many seasons.


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